Spanish Language Day 2024 – Celebrate El Día del Idioma Español

Spanish Language Day (El Día del Idioma Español) is celebrated throughout the world at a specific time every year. The purpose of this day is to highlight the richness and vigor Spanish language. Many cultural centers across the world, especially in Spain and Latin America celebrate the day by storytelling (history of the Spanish language), reading, watching films, and book fairs. Especially, they arrange some children’s workshops to spread the importance of Spanish Language among the children.

To celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism throughout the world, the United Nation established the “Days of Languages” for six official languages which are Spanish, French, Chinese, English, Russian, and Arabic. In Spanish Language Day, they chose the day to revalue the Spanish language and the cultural use of this language.

Spanish Language Day Date

Every year, the 23rd of April is considered Spanish Language Day. The United Nations in 2010 started this for cultural diversity and multilingualism. In the honor of the world’s most significant and well-known author of the Spanish language named Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the day is celebrated. He died on April 22 in 1616, but for the custom time system his death was recorded on April 23, it was also his funeral date. Later on, April 23 considered the Spanish Language Day.

Spanish Language Day 2024

In 2024, on Sunday, April 23rd Spanish Language Day for 2024 is celebrated. Here at the United Nations works to raise awareness among organizations staff, people who use the Spanish as an official language, to make sure they have enough knowledge about the Spanish culture, history and the best use of Spanish as an official language.

Celebrate Spanish Language Day

To celebrate Spanish Language Day, it’s a long 18 days program for the United Nations. It starts from April 22 and continues till May 10. People from different categories and races, along with Latin America’s people are there to celebrate this day. Some photography exhibition held there entitled ‘Images of the so-called New World.” There are some series of portraits of people who speak Spanish.

The whole exhibition was sponsored by the Spanish Translation Service of the Department of General Assembly and Conference Management. To celebrate the Spanish language day from your side, you may share some stories in the Spanish language, you can join some Spanish language debate as well.

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Before 2010, there is no such thing called Spanish Language Day. That means people were less aware of the importance of this precious language.  But in 2010 the United Nations feel the importance and they started working on it. Now the whole world is connected to this famous language and makes the Spanish language as the second official language in the world right now.

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