Stellaris – How to translate any mod Guide

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How to Translate a Mod Guide with Stellaris:

Welcome to our website explaining how to use ModTranslationHelper to translate any Mod in Stellaris. In essence, this program is made exclusively to handle local processes for Paradox Interactive games. Despite the fact that it is the “standard” for.yml and.txt files, it may also be used to handle data that is stored in the key format.
Here is what you must do to begin. Finding the installation path for the game you wish to translate is your duty. To access the localization folder, which contains several different language folders like Russian, English, and French, you must follow this path.

The default location for Crusader Kings 3 is../Steam/steamapps/common/Crusader Kings III/game/localization, for instance.
You must indicate the place where the localization is saved after finding the installation directory. When updating a translation that you already have from a previous version, you must additionally provide the folders where the outdated files may be found. In order to create a new version, ModTranslationHelper will scan these files and utilize the translated lines.

The translation directory, where all the files the application creates will be stored, is the last thing you choose. The translation process can then be assisted by ModTranslationHelper. You may download ModTranslationHelper if you’re interested in utilizing it.


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