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30+ Valentines Day Sayings and Quotes for Cards

Valentines day Sayings for Cards is a new collection of best valentine sayings. Every Saying is important because it states the thoughts and ideas of peoples of different time in history. In our previous posts we have discussed many of valentine day wishes, messages, quotes greetings and sayings for Valentine day. Most of you have read these and we are also getting many supportive comments for our work- Thanks for your Response and a very Happy Valentines Day to you all.

Friends we are going to discuss various aspects of Valentines Day Sayings in this post. Here we will explain the Use of Sayings for valentine card, impact of the Valentine’s Day sayings for card. The most important thing is how to use a saying for Valentine Day Card and what is difference between a ordinary Valentine’s Day Greeting Card and a valentine day saying card. So Stay together and read the complete discussion for Valentine’s Day Sayings for cards.

Valentines Day Sayings
Valentines Day Romantic Quotes

Sayings for Valentines Day Card

First of all we should understand that what a card is all about, even for Valentine’s Day Greetings. Friends a Valentine’s Day Card is all about Love and Emotion, we generally think of Valentine Day as a day dedicated only to your boyfriend or girlfriend but this not complete true as valentine day is dedicated to love and this Love is for all. Everyone we love can be greeted with a beautiful Valentine’s Day Greeting Card. You can also check Happy Valentines Day Quotes.

Sayings in Card are very interesting ideas for any festive occasion. Not only has it made our valentine Card beautiful but also makes a feel of deep understanding of love and emotion. Sayings are something which states the meaning of love for various person and time period.

“I think you are purrr-fect!” – Anything with a cat (bookmark, sticker, trinket) would be cute with this saying

“I’m stuck on you!” or “Let’s stick together!” – A great saying for hair clips, magnets or stickers!

“No bones about it you are top dog” – Dog bone shaped sugar cookies would make a cute treat!

“It is ‘ruff’ when you are not around” – Anything with a dog (bookmark, sticker, trinket) would be cute with this saying!

“You wrote the book on being cool!” – package with a purchased or homemade bookmark

“I dig you!” – Package treats with a small plastic shovel.

“I am ‘TOADally’ yours” – Plastic jumping frogs would be cute taped to a card with this saying or make some frog suckers.

Valentines Day Quotes for Cards

Sayings are the thoughts or ideas of some famous peoples about love in valentine day. Every Saying has its special importance and for making a good impact on your loved one, you have to choose the best Saying as well as a best beautiful valentine Greeting Card.

“I am stuck on you” –  Glue or Stickers

“I am stuck on you” or “I ‘chew’s you Valentine” Gum

“You are EXTRA special to me”  – Extra Gum

“You are out of this world!”   – Orbit Gum

“I have my eye on you” fun glasses or magnifying glass

“I am buggy for you!” – some plastic bugs or a lady bug Valentine.

The major Difference in a Valentine’s Day greeting card and Valentine day saying cards is only the way we present our thoughts in the card. Finally it is for love so you can do a little work for getting the best saying for your Valentine’s Day card and choose what is most favorite of your best person. It is not so difficult you just have to be careful  and feel the valentine emotion and select a beautiful images for your cards and read some interesting valentine’s Day Saying for Cards.

“I like the way you roll”  – toy car, Tootsie Rolls or Rolos

“I have a CRUSH on you”  – Orange Crush Pop

“You are ‘SUMbody’ special!” – An inexpensive calculator from the $$ store would be a useful gift!

“You are just ‘write’ for me!” – A pencil or pen is always an appreciated gift!

“My heart ‘beats’ for you!” – a play drum or drum recycled candy containers

Happy Valentines Day Pictures

If you want a complete look on Valentine’s Day Celebration then you can find some in our website. To all of you and your loving Friends we wish a very happy Valentine’s Day ever. If you need some Wishes or messages for valentine day cards then this is the best place to search for, also you can find lots of loving Valentine’s Day Images and beautiful wallpapers for your loved ones. Reads and Share the Best of all Valentine’s Day Saying for Girlfriends and Boyfriends.

Valentines Day Sayings for Cards

Here are some heartfelt and romantic Valentine’s Day sayings that you can use in cards to express your love:

  1. “You are the love I’ve been waiting for, and on this Valentine’s Day, my heart is yours forevermore.”
  2. “Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who fills my heart with love, joy, and endless happiness.”
  3. “In your arms, I’ve found my forever home. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with as much love as you’ve brought into my life.”
  4. “To the one who makes my heart skip a beat and my days brighter – Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  5. “Love is not just something you feel; it is something you do. Thank you for filling my life with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  6. “On this special day, I just want to say, I love you more than words can convey. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”
  7. “Our love story is my favorite, and I can’t wait to create more beautiful chapters with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  8. “To the one who completes my heart’s puzzle, Happy Valentine’s Day. You are my missing piece.”
  9. “You are the melody to my heart’s song, the sunshine in my rainy days. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”
  10. “Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, and all the sweet moments that make our journey so special. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  11. “In your eyes, I found my home. In your heart, I found my love. Happy Valentine’s Day, my forever Valentine.”
  12. “To the love of my life, my best friend, and my greatest adventure – Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  13. “Every day with you feels like Valentine’s Day. Today, I just get to express it a little more. I love you!”
  14. “You are the reason for my smiles, the warmth in my heart, and the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  15. “Here’s to love, laughter, and a lifetime of adventures together. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dearest!”

Feel free to personalize these sayings to make them more specific to your relationship. Adding your own touch makes the message even more special and meaningful.

If you have any question about Valentines Day Sayings and Quotes for Cards the comment below or message us through our Facebook Page. We will reply as soon as possible.

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