What Do Gold Pokestops Do in Pokemon GO?

The most recent addition to the collection of different colored Pokestops that have surfaced in Pokemon Go over time is the Gold Pokestops. During the Pokémon Presents, which took hold on Pokemon Day 2024, the specifics of the golden Pokestops were discussed. Read on to find out what gold Pokestops in Pokemon Go does.

Pokemon Go Golden Pokestops Guide

Gold Pokestops in Pokemon Go is particularly unique since they reward players with extra goodies. These might be anything, however, Gimighoul Coins could be one of these additional goodies. In Pokemon Go, Gimighoul may evolve into Gholdengo for the first time with 999 of these coins.
Players must link their Pokemon Scarlet or Violet game to their Pokemon Go account in order to capture Gimighoul. In Pokemon Go, a unique item called a Coin Bag will allow players to spot and capture roving Gimighoul. It functions similarly to Incense in that players use it, and a Gimighoul will then appear.

Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon Go

Golden Lure Modules will also be available, and users may obtain them by linking Pokemon Go to the ninth-generation Pokémon games. Gimighoul will be drawn to these Lures, increasing the likelihood that players may obtain Gimighoul coins.
That is the entirety of what gold Pokestops in Pokemon Go do. The Pokemon Presents also revealed new content for Pokemon Unite and provided more details about Pokemon Sleep, an app that helps humans and Pokemon track their sleeping habits.

Why Do Pokemon GO’s Golden PokeStops Exist?

To evolve Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO, you must have Gimmighoul Coins. To evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, you must spin enough of the Golden PokeStops to earn enough Gimmighoul Coins. Players must look for these Golden PokeStops to collect enough money to develop Ghimmighoul into Gholdengo because it will now start to emerge in Pokemon GO.

Golden Lure Modules are the major source of Golden PokeStops for players to discover. Players may change common PokeStops into Golden PokeStops by using Golden Lure Modules. Throughout the first 24 hours of this new feature, there is also a potential for players to find Golden PokeStops at random in the wild. Golden Lure Modules are the best way to locate Golden PokeStops in Pokemon GO because that window of time is so limited.

What Do Pokemon GO Gold PokeStops Do?

The players will undoubtedly want to spin as many Golden PokeStops as they can, despite the fact that it may not seem like it. The specifics of how they operate and what players may anticipate from them have been provided by Niantic, which introduced this new feature in Pokemon GO. Contrary to popular belief, understanding the Golden PokeStops is much simpler than you may imagine.

To get Ghimmighoul Coins, you essentially need to find Golden PokeStops. The Golden PokeStop will spin just like any other typical one you encounter. They will sell you the usual stuff, but they will also give you a Ghimmighoul Coin. If you are low on items, it is worth looking for golden PokeStops because they frequently yield more things than regular PokeStops.

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