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World Post Day 2024: Date, Theme, Activities, History, Images

World Post Day is observed as the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which started its function in Switzerland in 1874 in the Swiss Capital, Bern. UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan declared the day as World Post Day by the in 1969. Since then, different countries all over the world participate every year in the celebrations. The Posts in different countries make use of the World Post Day event to introduce or promote new postal products and services.

The first proposal to celebrate the day was submitted by a member of the Indian delegation named Shri Anand Mohan Narula. According to the United Nations, the point of celebrating World Post Day is to lift up the awareness of the postal sector in the everyday lives of both people and businesses and its contribution to both the social and economical development of countries.

World Post Day 2024 Date

Every year the World Post Day is celebrated on October 9 to encourage the UN member countries to carry out programs and activities aimed at creating a broader awareness of the role and activities of the posts among the public and media nationwide. More than 150 countries in the world celebrate World Post Day every year in a variety of ways.

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World Post Day Quotes

World Post Day History

According to the United Nations, the first known postal document was found in Egypt and it dates back to 255 BC. But postal services existed even before that. In some areas, they operated in the form of messengers serving kings and emperors. Later, private individuals were allowed to use messengers to communicate with each other.

The world’s first adhesive postage stamp that was used in a public system was the Penny Black. The United Kingdom first issued it in 1840.

World Post Day Quotes

World Post Day is a wonderful day to get some quotes, know about those, and send it to others. Due to the fact, many of you search for some outstanding quotes on this day. We are going to provide some best quotes for you below.

  1. The postal service is a vitally important institution for the American people. It must be saved.

                                            ———— Bernie Sanders

  1. The postal service is huge- employing more than a half million people- and its history is long and complicated.

                                            ———— Elizabeth Warren

  1. More than an actor, I am a performer….. I am a great believer- honestly so, shamelessly so, vulgarly so- that cinema is for entertainment. If you want to send messages, there is the postal service.

                                              ———— Shah Rukh Khan

  1. There are major efforts being made to dismantle Social Security, the public schools, the post office – anything that benefits the population has to be dismantled. Efforts against the U.S. Postal Service are particularly surreal.

                                              ———— Noam Chomsky

  1. There are more pompous, arrogant, self-centered, mediocre-type people running corporate America who should be sent out on some postal route delivering mail.

                                               ———— Joe Jamail

World Post Day mages

Many of you are maybe looking for World Post Day images to send others so that you can contribute some to increase the awareness about this day. We have collected some of the excellent and exceptional images for you on the occasion of this day. To get those images, you need to follow the instructions here.

World Post Day Theme

The theme for is World Post Office Day 2024 is “Together for trust: Collaborating for a safe and connected future.”

People from different countries in the world look for the world post day theme to use for various purposes. It does not matter what purpose you want to use, you need the theme to make the day special. The theme of World Post Day in 2024 was “Innovation, Integration, and Inclusion”. The theme of World Post Day in 2024 was “Imagine you are an advisor to the new UN Secretary-General; which world issue would you help him tackle first and how would you advise him to solve it?” but the theme for 2024 has not yet come.

World Post Day Activities

To celebrate the event, people from different countries across the world spend the day in different activities. You can surprise your loved ones by sending a letter or a postcard on this day to celebrate this day and make it memorable. Many people take the initiation to thank the mail carriers on this day. The U.S. postal service organizes a food drive every year, so you can contribute to the drive on this day to make the day more enjoyable.

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Celebrating World Post Day each year is one of the best ways to appreciate the mail carriers and people who love to write and send the letter. Without the services of the post offices, it would be difficult for the world to stay connected. Happy World Post Day to all of you.

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