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National Be an Angel Day Date, History, Facts, Celebrations and Activities

We can celebrate Be an Angel Day on August 22nd  every year to spread love, kindness, and sympathy. It started as a day to inspire us to do any acts of kindness to others. To do well to others we should arouse angelic characteristics within us. It is a type of kindness that has a great power to change the world and change it for good. Here we shall discuss some inspiring and interesting facts about Be an Angel Day.

Be an Angel Day-Date and History

It is a yearly celebration held every 22nd of August. This day started to encourage doing various acts of kindness to others. This is also a day to remind us to be kind to one another. The day arouses our inner “angels” to show our good deeds. On this day we can do an act of kindness. Our acts may be small or large but they can bring a change in the world. There are many activities that people do to celebrate Be an Angel Day.

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Jayne Howard Feldman was the person who started this celebration back in 1993 when people were encouraged to do various acts of kindness randomly. Since then, the celebration became popular and earned a name for itself. One primary contributor to this is of course social media. The movie called Pass It Forward is a great example of how random acts of kindness can create impacts that can change the lives of people.

Be an Angel Day
Be an Angel Day

National Be an Angel Day Date

People celebrate this day on August 22 each year. This means that the upcoming Be an Angel Day will be celebrated on Sunday, August 22, 2024. Next year, it will be celebrated on August 22, 2024.

Facts about Be an Angel Day

The following are some good facts for the Be an Angel Day that are worth sharing:

  • The term angel came from the Latin word angelus which means messenger of God.
  • There is a study of angels called angelology.
  • During the 13th century, St. Thomas Aquinas discussed the question of whether several angels could occupy the same place.
  • The City of Los Angeles in California means The Angels in English. The Bible refers to only one archangel – Michael. However, other scriptures also refer to Gabriel and Raphael as archangels as well.
  • The Book of Revelation tells that the number of angels is about 100 million.
  • Satan or Lucifer is actually a fallen angel who made a rebellion against God.
  • The Be an Angel Day was founded in 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman.

Angel Day Celebrations & Activities

Celebrating this holiday gives you the chance to do random acts of kindness that can make changes in the lives of people. Even simple acts can influence the day of a person and make him or her feel loved. A random act of kindness can restore faith in humanity. We all live in the same world and so we should always help each other. And by doing it, we can make an impact in each other’s lives. There are some good things that you can do to celebrate the day in the best way possible:

Be an Angel Day
Be an Angel Day

Spread Positivity by Using Kind Words

You can celebrate this holiday by simply spreading positivity through kind words. We do not be aware of how much of an impact our words have on other persons. So by giving heartily good wishes instantly you can surprise them.

Express Your Gratitude

There are many people in your life who have helped you in various circumstances. This is the perfect day for you to express your gratitude to them. Thank all the people who have made your life better.

Pay Forward The Kindness You Have Received

Lots of people will be participating in the celebration of this day. Hence, a lot of people will do random acts of kindness during this day. When you receive one, pay it forward. There are lots of random things you can do to show kindness to other people. For instance, you can buy coffee for a person; donate some clothing and other necessities to homeless shelters, or even volunteer to an organization for a good cause.

Be an Angel Day
Be an Angel Day

Celebrate On Social Media Be an Angel Day

As mentioned earlier, social media had an important role in making this event more and more popular. People spread the word about this holiday and so more and more people participate in it. You should do the same. For instance, you can use the hashtag #BeAnAngelDay to let your friends and followers on your social media accounts know that you are also participating in the celebration of this important day.


Kindness goes a long way.  Everybody appreciates kind people and admires them for their good deeds. Kindness is a very broad term. It is easy to understand. One can do so many acts of kindness if one wants. A kind act can be a very simple thing such as telling a person some good things about him or her.

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