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Every year, every month, every week, every day – brings a great deal of exciting holidays and events to the table – and National Day Review is your one-stop destination to celebrating all these festive holidays in a true celebratory spirit.

Our calendar has a lot of space and space 365 days a year. Throughout the year, numerous celebration, commemoration and action days are celebrated throughout the world, some of which have a very serious background and others a rather curious background or occasion. The curious holidays should be on this blog.

There are 3000+ fun, national, public, food, and religious holidays that fall every year – which literally converts to 10 cheerful moments of celebrating each day. So what’s your excuse? Pull on your party pants and wear on your party socks – let’s delve into everyday festivities with the team at nationaldayreview.net and fill every day with Happy Cheer!

What days do we celebrate? Literally, all of ’em! From classic European holidays to the historic Asian festivals, we have got covered the largest database of holidays that fall in the Seven Continents Of The World – notifying you with all the important calendar days falling in each and every state, country, province, and city.

Our Mission

Nothing beats a day of celebration—except 365 of them.

At National Day Review, our goal is to gather all the special holidays and moments from around the world — the occasions that bring people together — and help everyone celebrate with special events, helpful tips, discounts, deals, and plenty of fun.

What kind of days do we commemorate? All of them! We have classic American holidays. The best part? We’re adding more every day.

For each day, we curate pages with extensive and exciting holiday history, exclusive money-saving deals, facts that will blow your mind, and fascinating survey data that quantifies America’s opinions on just about every topic.

At National Day Review, we believe every day is special. Or sticky. Or shocking. Or meaningful. Or frickin’ hilarious.

We are connecting the world through everyday celebrations.

Follow us, and make every moment special.

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