Canada National Day 2024: 5 Typical Ways To Celebrate

Canada, the American giant that annually welcomes some 250,000 immigrants from around the world, celebrates its Canada national day on July 1.

The date commemorates the official creation of the ” Dominion of Canada ” with the signing of the Act of the America of the British North ( ” British North America Act “) in 1867, through which the four breakaway provinces: Upper Canada (which today it is Ontario), Lower Canada (what is now Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, declared themselves independent from Great Britain.

Canada National Day 2024

In 1879 he was established on 1 July as a day of national celebration, under the name ” Dominion Day ” ( Day of the domain ). On October 27, 1982 it was renamed Canada Day (“ Fête du Canada ”, in French, or “ Canada Day ” in English).

Annually, the Canadian way of being finds in the celebration a reason to exalt the national symbols and to rediscover the values that distinguish the nation.

For immigrants, the celebration is an opportunity to integrate and experience Canadian multiculturalism, which is an essential part of that nation’s historical and cultural tradition.

Today, Canada Day , which is a non-working holiday across the country, is celebrated with fireworks, concerts, cookouts, and sports games.

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Celebrate Canada National Day

Canada Day Celebrations

Canadians from all backgrounds join the celebration in different ways. We describe below the five typical Canada Day activities that every immigrant should know:

  1. Attend or watch the official ceremony in Ottawa on television

The capital city, Ottawa, hosts the largest number of activities. On the Parliamentary Hill the protocol ceremony takes place in which the Governor of Canada, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages participate. A colorful air parade takes place every year, with the presence of the Canadian Armed Forces and their spectacular “CF18” ships and the so-called “Snowbirds.” The closing takes place with a musical show attended by the most popular artists, Anglophones and Francophones. The concert is broadcast live on national television and represents the highlight of the official acts. The closure is usually with showy fireworks.

  1. Carry out community meals in the open air

In most municipalities, the festive atmosphere takes to the streets, giving way to community meals and activities for family recreation. Allegorical parades are also held, as an exaltation of the country’s symbols, especially the maple blossom and the white and red, the official colors of Canada since 1921.

  1. Escape to Nature

Many Canadians take advantage of the non-holiday to visit some of Canada’s many national parks, characterized by their lush wilderness. The observation of animals in their natural habitat, the practice of outdoor activities or a simple family picnic, are on the agenda of the celebration of many Canadians.

  1. Playing sports Sports

activities are not lacking in celebration, as many Canadians prefer to practice some of their favorite disciplines such as hockey (in its summer version), soccer and popular golf.

  1. Moving

The curious note of the celebration is in charge of the Quebecers , who annually, on Canada Day, carry out a very peculiar activity: moving. Indeed, the coincidence that many rental agreements end on July 1, causes many people in Quebec, the French-speaking province of Canada, to take advantage of the holiday to change their residence. In Quebec, moving companies do not abide by the holiday, as Canada Day is undoubtedly one of the dates of greatest demand for the service of the year.

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