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Happy Christmas Day Shayari Hindi & English

Happy Christmas day is one of the best celebration days for more than 2 billion Christian people around the world. So you are looking for happy Christmas day Shayari. Not only the Christian but also people from other religions celebrate the day too in different activities. Happy Christmas day 2024 is on 25th December every year that is a public holiday in many countries. So, people celebrate the day by sharing gifts, exchanging wishes or messages, sending and receiving Shayari and SMS and many more.

Happy Christmas Day Shayari collection

On the occasion of this day, it is a normal tradition that people exchange Shayari with each other. That is why we have come with our collection of happy Christmas day Shayari to make your moment more enjoyable and fun. You can send our Shayari to your friends, families, and other persons. So check out our Shayari collection and start sending those to the person you want.

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Christmas Day Shayari in English

Happy Christmas Day Shayari in English

  1. A little smile with the wonder of cheer,

A bit of extra love from someone near,

A little gift or wishes from the dear,

Makes us happy for the coming year

These make a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

  1. Another year, another occasion, and another Christmas

Another holiday, another celebration, and another year,

May all the good of the world brighten your Christmas

May the joy and blessings of Christmas stay with you forever.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

  1. No greeting card or gift to give

No sweet flowers or chocolate to Send

No cute graphics or animations to forward

Just my LOVING soul and HEART

Saying to you“HAPPY X’MAS”

Happy Merry Christmas!!

Happy Merry Christmas Gif, Memes free Download

  1. My Christmas message is constructed with love and happiness,

I would like to thank you on this day

You were the best gift so far

Stay happy and blessed my dear…

Happy Christmas Day!!

  1. X’Mas is such a magic

That brings families together

Make everyone happy

And strengthen the bond forever

Hoping to meet you at Christmas!

Happy Christmas Day!!

ना कार्ड भेज रहा हूँ,
ना कोई फूल भेज रहा हूँ,
सिर्फ सच्चे दिल से मैं आपको,
क्रिसमस और नव वर्ष की,
शुभकामनाएं भेज रहा हूँ

The Beauty Of Christmas Season,
Reminds Us About The Little Joys Of Life,
The Big Heart We Have,
And Those Christmas Toys,
Celebrate This Season With Good Cheer,
Merry Christmas My Dear!

A Time Of Year
To Think Of Love And Sharing
A Time Of Peace
For The Whole World To Cherish
A Time To Be With All Your Friends And Family
And Wish Them All
I Miss You In My Heart.
Wish You Very Happy Christmas!

Christmas Ka Yeh Pyara Sa Tyohaar,
Zindagi Mein Laaye Khushiya Apaar,
Santa Claus Aaye Aapke Ghar,
Subhkamna Hamari Karo Sweekar.
Merry Christmas.

क्रिसमस का यह प्यारा सा त्यौहार,
जिंदगी में लाये खुशियाँ अपार,
सांता क्लाउस आये आपके घर,
शुभकामना हमारी करो स्वीकार.
मैरी क्रिसमस.

Happy Christmas Day Shayari in Hindi

  1. Baccho ka din, tohfon ka din

Santa aayega kuch tumhe deke jayega

Bhul na jana use shukriya kehna

Yahi saadgi ishu saa sikhayega!

Christmas Day ki shubhkamnaye!!

Merry Christmas Day Shayari Hindi

  1. Khuda se kya maangu tere waste

Sada khushiyo se bhare ho tere jeevan k raste

Hansi tere chehre pe rahe is tarah

Khushboo phool ka sathh nibhati hai jis tarah.

Happy Christmas to You!!

  1. Chand ne apni chandani bikheri hain

Aur taro ne aasma ko sajaya hain

Lekar taufa aman aur pyaar ka.

Dekho Swarg se koi farishta aaya hai

Happy Christmas to You!!

Happy Christmas Day Shayari in Hindi
Happy Christmas Day Shayari in Hindi
  1. इस बार क्रिसमस खूब खुशियाँ लाये,

दुश्मनी सब की मिटाये अपनों को अपनों से मिलाये,

बुराई का अंत हो जाये

यीशु सब के दिलो में बस जाये.

शुभ क्रिसमस

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!!

Happy Christmas Eve Photos

क्रिसमस / हैदर बयाबानी

आया है त्यौहार क्रिसमस
बांटे सब को प्यार क्रिसमस

मैं लाया हूं प्यारे तोहफ़े
देखो कितने सारे तोहफ़े
गुड़िया कैसी आली लाया
गुड्डा दाढ़ी वाला लाया
जिस के पास हों पैसे ले लो
जी चाहे तो वैसे ले लो
तोहफ़े पा कर सब बोलेंगे

आए यूं हर बार क्रिसमस
बांटे सब को प्यार क्रिसमस

रंगीले ग़ुब्बारे ले लो
गोया चांद सितारे ले लो
चलती फिरती मोटर ले लो
ढोल बजाता बंदर ले लो
देखो आ कर ख़ूब तमाशा
आओ जाने आओ ‘पाशा’
अगले साल मैं फिर आऊंगा

जब आएगा यार क्रिसमस
बाँटे सब को प्यार क्रिसमस

Merry Christmas WhatsApp Status

Christmas Day Shayari Photo

Christmas Day Shayari Photo

“May your Christmas be filled with miracles and joy. Merry Christmas!”

“Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones, spreading divinity and cheer. Merry Christmas!”

“I wish you many blessings, joy, and even more love. Merry Christmas!”

“May all of your worries dissipate and your heart is filled with wonder and warmth. Merry Christmas!”

“May the sweet magic of Christmas cheer your heart and fill your every desire. Merry Christmas!”

“Christmas is a season to celebrate peace and kindness. This holiday season, may you be filled with love, joy, and happiness. Merry Christmas!”

“May your family’s holiday season be filled with wonderful surprises, treats, and nonstop laughter. Merry Christmas!”

Hopefully, our Happy Christmas Day Shayari collection will be very much helpful for you on this Christmas day.

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