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Happy Fathers Day to Moms Who are Dads Quotes, Messages

Happy Fathers Day To Moms Who Are Dads Quotes, Messages. Not just fathers but there are also single mothers who deserve Happy Fathers Day wishes because they are both fathers and mothers to their children. Celebrate this day with Happy Fathers Day To Moms Who Are Dads Quotes, Happy Father’s Day messages for single mothers, moms as well Fathers Day wishes messages for single dads/ fathers. Share Happy Father’s Day single dad quotes for single moms.

Latest collection of Happy Father’s Day messages for single moms or dads. Share these inspiring single mom and single dad messages for Facebook and WhatsApp.

Happy Fathers Day To Moms Who Are Dads Quotes

“Dearest Dad, you are truly the most wonderful dad a child can have because you have given me a life which is so full of happiness, dreams and smiles…. Happy Father’s Day to you.”

“It is very challenging to raise a child all alone but you have done it because you are a super dad and I am blessed to have you…. Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you.”

“Being a father in itself is a big responsibility but you have been a father and also a mother to me… Wishing you Happy Father’s Day dad.”

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Fathers Day To Moms Who Are Dads

“Only a man as loving, as caring, as affectionate as you can take care of your kids as a single dad…. With lots of love, warm wishes on Father’s Day to you.”

“With all my heart, I wish a very Happy Father’s Day to my single dad who has made all possible efforts in life to make my life a double fun for me.”

Happy Fathers Day Messages for Single Mothers

“Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to my single mom who has been there for me both as a mother and a father…. You rock mom!!!”

Fathers Day Messages for Single Mothers

“I am blessed to have single mom like you who has taken the best care of me as a mom and also as a dad…. Happy Father’s Day to you mom.”

“When I look at you, I see a super mom who has the power to make impossible possible…. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day dearest mom.”

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“Dear mom, you are my inspiration, you are from where I derive my energy, you are the one who motivates me…. Happy Father’s Day to you.”

“You are as strong as a father and as loving as a mom….. You are the one who completes my world…. Happy Father’s Day mom.”

Single Moms Feel About Hearing “Happy Father’s Day, Mom!”

For millions of families all over the country, Father’s Day isn’t necessarily the way commercials and greeting card companies make it out to be. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly a quarter of children in the US are raised in a single-parent household, and the vast majority of those parents (more than 80%) are mothers. Lots of mamas are “doing it all” but… should we be telling single moms “Happy Father’s Day”? We single moms what they thought about this well intentioned salutation.

Greetings aside, talking to these mamas showed that there’s no one way “single moms” feel about Father’s Day. (It’s almost like they’re all, like, individual people and not a politically convenient monolith!) Sometimes the day is one full of complicated emotions… and sometimes it’s just a day. Sometimes the day is emotional, but the emotions aren’t terribly complicated. They feel happy or sad or angry or hurt or relieved or wistful or excited or vicariously hurt, which is a different emotion all together from ordinary hurt. Even the term “single mom” is interesting: there are lots of ways to be a single mom. You were never partnered to begin with, or you got divorced, or are widowed…

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Corinne M., Texas

“I am a single mom raising a young child. Things didn’t go according to plan, so my kid is growing up not knowing his father. I am very grateful to have loved ones that want to say encouraging things. The thing is, when people wish me a happy Father’s Day, it’s implying that children should a) grow up with two parents, and b) one of those parents should be a mom and the other one should be a dad. I’m not ‘pulling double duty.’ I’m a single mom and, sadly, there is no father in the picture.

Inevitably, every year I get wished a happy Father’s Day. I totally get it’s a joke and people are well-meaning. I do appreciate the sentiment. The truth is though, it stings every time.

If you have a single mom in your life and you want to do something kind for her over Father’s Day weekend, offer to take her kid/s for a couple hours and tell her she’s doing a great job. Leave it at that.”

Nikky R., Pennsylvania

“I’ve been wished ‘Happy Father’s Day’ a few times. It was kinda funny and I appreciated it when my son was younger. But as he’s gotten older I’ve told people I don’t want to wished a Happy Fathers Day. I’m his mother and I’m doing what any mother/parent should do. I am not his father and will never be his or anyone’s father.

There was one year that his father wished me a Happy Father’s Day and it pissed me off. It felt like a genuine slap in the face. He really thought he was giving me a compliment by acknowledging how much I do… but when your own child’s father (who … isn’t present) says ‘Happy Fathers Day’ to you, yeah you know there’s a problem.”

Allison R., Wisconsin

“I know it comes from a good place so I don’t mind it. I take it as acknowledgement that I’m doing it all… because I am!”

Kelly S., Connecticut

“No one has ever tried that on me and if they did I think I wouldn’t be offended but I don’t think I could or would try to stop myself from laughing in their face. My kids have a dad: their dad.

For Father’s Day my boyfriend and I will go to a barbecue/pool party at my ex’s house. I’ll hang out with his wife (and snuggle their new baby, who I haven’t met yet — I’m so excited). If you told me six years ago this was possible I would have laughed in your face about that, too.”

Kendra L., Maryland

“I haven’t liked it in the past. It’s not traumatizing but it’s definitely not appreciated. This year, though, my dad, who was a father figure to me and my girls, won’t be with us. He died last October and this will be our first Father’s Day without him, so I think if anyone says it this year I’ll probably cry, because it will remind me that I don’t have him anymore.”

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