Happy Friendship Day 2024: Messages, Short SMS

Many of you will search for Happy Friendship Day messages on this upcoming friendship day. There could never be a better day than this to wish all the dear friends. We have come up with some wonderful messages, wishes, and status to wish everyone on the occasion of friendship day. Your friend will be quite surprised after seeing our excellent message and quote. So let us have a look at Happy Friendship Day messages and quotes.

Happy Friendship Day Messages

Everyone likes to greet each other by sending messages on Friendship Day. Thinking about your needs, we have brought some excellent message collections for you. Copy the favorite message right now and greet your loving friend.

Happy Friendship Day Date

  1. ** Friend … though the word is too short

But the depth is huge as like as the sky.

In every step of life!!!

We are not alone.

Walking through the tough roads of life…

Becomes almost impossible without friends!!!

So being the friend will not do the job…

There is the claim of friendship,

Friends should be like real friends.

There is a saying that

Friends Never Die…

  1. * A sweet handwriting with normal hand.

I am very happy to be by your side, my friend.

The moon spreads its light,

In our friendship, there is no fight.

I am missing you, my friend,

Do you also miss me my friend!!!**

  1. ** Hey, sorrow! Please promise,

You would not touch me!

Hey, happiness! Please promise,

You would not leave me!

Hey, eyes! Please promise,

You would not cry for me!

And hey, my friend! Please promise,

You would not forget me! **

  1. My friend! If you feel alone then call me,

I will tell you the story and talk to you all night,

If you have trouble, give me a share,

I will share your trouble, keeping the hand in your hand … **

  1. ** There are some leaves…

Drops down even in the light air,

There are some flowers…

Dries up even in a little heat,

And there are some friends…

Forget us even in a little anger. **

Friendship Day Wishes

Happy Friendship Day

Many interesting quotes are being developed based on Friendship Day. Some of the best quotes from those are given here so that you may wish and greet your beloved friends.

  1. ** Hey friend! I miss you so much

As if I lost everything on earth,

Once you stay away from my eyes.

You are my friend and strong bond…

You are and will in my love and,

In my heart forever!! **

  1. ** You are my friend,

Got space in my heart,

I will get hurt a lot,

If you break my trust!!

Do not throw a block in the flow of happiness…

Try to remove the sadness.

I wish you could keep…

My news always…!! **

  1. ** You can never buy a friendship,

You have to achieve it.

If someone comes to get help,

Then you should become a real friend. **

  1. ** Love is made from liking,

Dreams are created from imagination,

The feeling is created from feeling,

And friendship is formed from the deep in the mind. **

  1. ** Whatever a good friend does the wrong,

Never forget him or her.

Because no matter how dirty the water is,

You need the water most

When you have to extinguish the fire!! **

Happy Friendship Day Status

Happy Friendship Day SMS

On the occasion of friendship day, everyone enjoys posting statuses on social media. But not everyone can write well. Those who cannot write well can copy our statuses.

  1. ** I am alone in the river…

The river goes curved…

I am too alone my friend…

Would not it be possible…?

To see you in the end!!!**

  1. ** Maybe time will stop,

Maybe the sun will set,

Maybe no one will by the side,

Do not be afraid, you would not be alone,

You will get me always if you spread your hand

If you accept me as your friend!!!**

  1. ** If the day is lost near the horizon!!!

If the flowers drop at the end of the day!!!

If the night is lost in the land of the stars!!!

Just be assured, I will still stay next to you my friend. **

  1. ** Who you call a friend,

Can s/he forget you!!

As I was by your side,

I am still with you today. **

  1. ** One day I may go away…

At the last frontier of the earth,

Even on that day, you will see

I am by your side,

Only our memories may speak,

Just except me,

If you can, give me some space in your mind…

There I will live.

Tell me, my friend!!

Will you remember me? **

Final Words

So why are you late yet? Wish your friends by sending Happy Friendship Day messages right now. We wish everyone pass a wonderful friendship day.

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