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National Kimberly Day 2024: History, Activities, Wishes Quotes, Messages, Significance

Every year on October 11, National Kim Day is honoured. All those named “Kim” are honoured on this day. This name can be used as a unisex given name for both genders. As a short form of various names like Kimber, Kimberly, Kimberley, Kimball, and Kimiko, it is also frequently used as a nickname. It is a Kenyan abbreviation for a number of male names, including Kimani and Kimutai. Additionally, this name is used in Korea, where it is also used as a surname and has the meaning “gold.” About 20% of Koreans have this name as a surname.

When is National Kimberly Day? 

On October 11, National Kimberly Day is all about you, whether you are a Kimberly, Kimberli, or just a regular Kim.

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National Kimberly Day History 

Kim is the most popular and well-known name in Korea, despite the fact that it is also used as an English name. In actuality, 20% of South Koreans are related to someone by the name of Kim. Ten million persons would be included in the total. The historical significance of the Kims provides an explanation for this “coincidence.” In the Silla kingdom, a family by the name of Kim—which means “gold”—rose to prominence and ruled Silla for about 700 years.
For many centuries, only the royal and aristocratic families of Korea used surnames. During the Goryeo dynasty, this situation regarding the granting of surnames evolved into a sign of the king’s favour.

Before the class system was abolished in 1894 and the Japanese occupiers forced Koreans to adopt surnames, some commoners in the late Joseon dynasty utilized family names for social and economic advantage. It is a fact that names for illustrious lineages like the Kims, Lees, or Parks were frequently chosen by commoners.

Even said, not everyone who is a Kim by inheritance is the same. The clan, a group whose surname denotes a shared geographical origin, is the fundamental unit of the traditional Korean kinship system.

As a result, several Kims can trace their ancestry to various locations, most notably Gimhae. The man known as the founder Kim and the founder of the ancient Korean kingdom of Gaya was born in the city in the southeastern region. There are about 300 other Kim clans, some of which are from Gyeongju, Andong, which includes two Kim clans, and Gwangsan.

National Kimberly Day Activities 

Get in touch with Kimberly and start a conversation.

Of course, you have to speak with a lot of people when looking for Kimberly. Despite the fact that one in every 66 Americans has the name Kimberly, consider this an interesting approach to meeting new individuals. It doesn’t matter if you find Kimberly or not. On the plus side, you might meet new individuals and gain influence in this situation, which would be beneficial for all parties.

Graffiti some Kimberly.

You are aware that you desire to do something new, even reckless. Consider creating some graffiti that is dedicated to all Kimberlys worldwide. Bring forth your inner Banksy and repeatedly write Kimberly on any building you can locate. (Make sure it’s creative—and appropriate, of course.)

Make a dish in Kimberly’s honour.

Make a dish and give it the name Kimberly. There are countless options. Kim Cattrall Salsa, Kim Jong Un Black-Eyed Peas, or Kim Cattrall Corn Fritters. Consider novel ideas. Impress your Kimberly with seductive textures and unique flavours.

National Kimberly Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Wishing a very Happy National Kimberly Day. This day reminds us to wish all the people named Kimberly around us and make them feel special.

There are so many people named Kimberly in our country and today is the day to have some good times with them all. Happy National Kimberly Day.

Warm wishes on the occasion of National Kimberly Day. Make sure you strike a conversation with a Kimberly you know or some stranger named Kimberly.

There is no doubt that Kimberly is such a common name because most of us know quite a few people having this name. Happy National Kimberly Day.

Wishing everyone on the occasion of National Kimberly Day. This day is all about celebrating this name which makes one of the most common names.

Kimberly is surely one of the most loved names in our country because there are so many people having this name. Happy National Kimberly Day.

Wishing everyone on the occasion of National Kimberly Day. Cheers to all the Kimberly people around us.

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