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National Pluto Demoted Day History, Celebration, Quotes, Messages, Images, Greetings

All curious people want to know the unknown thing of our universe. For this purpose, every year people observed National Pluto Demoted Day on 24 August. The day inspires us to search and find out the secret of our universe. The day boost up our spirit of interest in the planetary study. It is a surprising fact that after being nearly 80 years as an official planet, Pluto lost its status.  Present researchers consider Pluto as a dwarf planet. In 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) declared that Pluto could no longer be an official planet.

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Great astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930. He defined it as the ninth planet in our solar system. It is a very cold planet, exists outside the orbit of Neptune.

When it was discovered, Lowell Observatory faced difficulty to give a perfect name for it. Finally, they gave its name after a Roman mythological character Pluto, a god of the underworld.


In 1992, some astronomers disagreed to call Pluto a planet, because they noticed large objects in its region. Even an object that actually had a larger mass than Pluto itself. On the other hand, in 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) made a new definition for which Pluto lost its status as a planet. From that time astronomers considering Pluto as a dwarf planet.

Dwarf Planet

Dwarf Planet has defined as an astronomic form that orbits the sun. But it does not belong to all qualities that any perfect planet has. Even it has no moon.

Some Essential Information

Pluto’s Moon

Pluto has five moons in its orbit. The names of its moons are Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.

Journey to Pluto

In 2015 the New Horizons spacecraft finished a Journey of Pluto.  From this journey, scientists collected some important information and got more details about the planet and its moons.

Size of Pluto

Actually, Pluto is smaller than our planet Earth. It has only a diameter of 1,473 miles that is less than one-fifth the size of our planet.

National Pluto Demoted Day
National Pluto Demoted Day


Sharing the Information among Children

It’s a great way to entertain children by providing some planetary education. Children are curious so they always feel very much interested to know our solar system. So you can celebrate this day by sharing astronomical information with children.

Watching Documentary

Watching astronomical documentaries would be another option to celebrate this day. These types of documentaries can share huge information that helps you to know our Universe.

Learning Pluto with other planets

Most of us can’t afford a powerful telescope but that doesn’t mean we can’t try out stargazing. It’s even possible to see Pluto! You’ll need a decent telescope and a detailed star atlas to help guide your search.


A day on Pluto

Due to its distance from the Sun, a day on Pluto lasts 153 hours, which is equivalent to six Earth days.

Name Fact

Venetia Burney, a youngster, select the name of it as Pluto in 1930.

The Super Coldest Place

The surface of Pluto is super cold with a temperature ranging from -378°F to -396°F.

National Pluto Demoted Day
National Pluto Demoted Day

A long way from the Sun

Pluto sits 3.6 billion miles away from the Sun. It is located at the surface of our solar system.

Planet X

Astronomers suspected that there was another planet, which would help explain Uranus’s orbit, known as Planet X.


As The Smallest Planet in The Solar System

People knew that there were nine planets, including Pluto, orbiting the sun. Its new definition as a dwarf planet generated renewed attention to Pluto and the other planets in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. As the smallest planet in the solar system, it has got extra attention from the public.

Know the Universe

There are still many things we have to learn about the solar system and the larger universe. The day reminds us to continue our research and investigation to gather deep knowledge about our Universe. Astronomers and scientists should uncover new information, reclassifications that are very necessary.

Enjoyable Learning

Learning Planets is an interesting topic for everyone even young or old. Having a day to focus on the dwarf planet Pluto is an enjoyable thing.

Pluto Demoted Day Wishes, Messages

– The Pluto Demoted Day is fantastic in the history of astronomical science and life beyond space, marking the demotion of our former ninth planet, Pluto.

A day to observe Pluto’s commemoration being demoted from a planet to a ‘dwarf’ planet.

– The Pluto Demoted Day is the day since which we get to know about the existence of eight planets in our solar system instead of nine.

An exciting day in the history of science is the Pluto Demoted Day, marking a formerly known planet’s demotion to becoming known as a dwarf planet.

– The space consists of exciting and remarkable new facts, and the Pluto Demoted Day provides another opportune moment to explore new realities of the demoted new dwarf planet, the Pluto.

-Pluto was formerly a planet in our solar system to become a ‘dwarf’ planet.

– In the vastly laid, beyond infinity, space is a place of astonishing new facts and surprises, the Pluto Demoted Day gives everyone a chance to remember and take a peek into the sky.

– It is essential to gain knowledge about the fact that Pluto is no longer a planet, and the Pluto Demoted Day is observed every year to mark this historic decision.

– For many space gazers and science lovers, the demotion of the former ninth planet Pluto still is a surprise and a piece of big news in history, thus making Pluto Demoted Day an important day to observe.

– Celebrate the historical day of Pluto Demoted Day with all your friends and family and impart them with knowledge about our former ninth planet, the Pluto.

– The Pluto Demoted Day is an exciting and remarkable opportunity for young children to explore more about planets, the solar system and also learn facts about the former world, Pluto.

– A great topic is the Pluto Demoted Day to get together and discuss with your closed ones the importance and significance of this day in our history

-This day is to know how we can still know about our former planet, the Pluto.

– The Pluto is a fascinating planet even after it’s a demotion and yet a famous project for the younger generation, to know the texture, composition and to remember about being our former planet.

Pluto Demoted Day quotes

“A truth can exist for decades and in a moment vanish. Just ask Pluto.”
― R.J. Intindola


Curiosity has a great power that helps us to know any unknown thing. To know the Universe is an addictive thing for which many astronomers dedicatedly worked. You can offer due respect to all astronomers by celebrating this National Pluto Demoted Day for their great job.

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