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Rochelle Walensky Net Worth, Ethnicity, Husband, Height, Age, Biography

Rochelle is the chief of Infectious diseases at the Massachusetts General hospital. She is a professor of Medicine at Harvard medical school. She is nominated as the Director of Disease Control and prevention by president Joe Biden. She is well known for her work all around the world.

Who is Rochelle walensky?

Rochelle was born in 1969. She was born in Massachusetts in the USA. She is an American by nationality. Her parents are Edward H. Bersoff and Carol bersoffbernstein. She has got summa cum Lauda in biochemistry from Washington University. She has completed her MPH from Harvard University in Massachusetts. She has grown up in the USA. Rochelle walensky ethnicity is American.

Rochelle walensky Personal life (Husband)

Rochelle got married to Loren walensky. Rochelle walensky husbandis a padiatric oncologist. He is the director of the Harvard Ph.D. program. Rochelle was nominated for the position of director of the center for disease control and prevention. She is three sons. They are married for 25 years. She has posted on Twitter that Rochelle walenskyhusband is so supportive. She is lucky to have a husband like him. Her sons also support her.

Rochelle Walensky Biography

Rochelle walensky is the chief of infectious disease at the Brigham and women’s hospital. In 2000, Rochelle joined MGH as a graduate assistant. Later she joined as an assistant physician. Later in 2013, she joined as a physician. She is the co-director of the medical practice evaluation center and director. Rochelle is a professor at Harvard medical school in 1998, she joined as a research fellow. In 2001, she has become an instructor at Harvard medical school. In 2007, Rochelle become the associate professor.

Her research on HIV has helped advance the global response. Rochelle is recognized internationally for her work in improving HIV screening and care. Rochelle is the past chair of the office of the AIDS research advisory council at the national institute of health. She was an advisor for the world health organization and the United Nations joined the program for HIV. In 2008, Rochelle have won as an emerging leader in HIV research. It was sponsored by the HIV medical association of America. She is a member of the Boston covid advisory board. In November, she worked as an author to publish a paper on health affairs in 2020. The paper shows the facts that can affect and efficiency of the vaccine.

Rochelle is involved in the medical discussion on the best strategy to combat covid 19. In 2020, Rochelle went through the breakthrough of her career. She was selected as the director of the centers for disease control by Joe Biden. Rochelle will replace Dr. Robert Redfield in 2018. Rochelle is the 19th director of the United States Disease control and prevention. She is a member of the board of administrators at the Mass General Brigham hospital. It’s a nonprofit group. Rochelle is skilled at HIV AIDS and COVID-19. In 2008, the HIV medical association have honoured her as the emerging leader for her contributions to HIV analysis. In South Africa, she has the principal areas. She is considered one of the most important people. She is hard-working. She has worked hard for destroying the coronavirus. She is committed to the field of clinical since 1998. She has become a legend in the field of medicine now. As a doctor, she is working for more than 20 years. She is an expert and experienced. She is paid a huge salary for her work.

Rochelle has around 83.3k followers on Twitter. She has a huge number of fans on social media. She posts regarding work stuff on her Twitter. Millions of people follow her regularly. As a national health advisor, she is followed on other social media platforms.

Rochelle Walensky Net Worth

People are curious about Rochelle walenskynet worth. Rochelle walensky net worth is around $261516 from her job as a professor at Harvard medical school. She has around $5 million in assets. From MGH, Rochelle earns around $188063 annually. Rochelle walenskyhusband has a net worth of around $5 million. Both of them earn around $10 million together. Rochelle is one of the rich ladies.


1. What is her profession?

She is a physician-scientist.

2. What is her religion?

Her religion is Christianity.

3. What is the Rochellewalensky height?

Rochelle walensky heightis five feet 11 inches.

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