Valentines Day

Single on Valentine’s Day? Maybe for the last time !!!

At the very beginning of consolation for all singles on Valentine’s Day, it really does not want to be. Finding the right partner is not easy. If love were predictable and transparent, it would probably be called “partner strategy” or “marriage calculation”. But do not do it – love is confused, complicated and simply beautiful.

Single on Valentine’s Day 2024

And yet, some single women search harder the partner. “The right one just does not come.” “Chemistry is not right.” “All types are boring.” All others celebrate the day of love and you are single on Valentine’s Day? Maybe you just do not allow love.
Single on Valentines Day
Single on Valentines Day

We have put together ten love hordes, which singles often them. And the appropriate counter strategies. If you are still lucky enough to get Cupid, you may not be a single on Valentine’s Day 2024.

1. “It does not work anyway.”
This is one thing with your own attitude. Yes, it is possible that it will never work. But if you do not believe in it, why would another man do it? Or your dream type?

Markus Ernst, a psychologist in the online dating agency PARSHIP therefore advises: “disillusionment and frustration from past, failed relationships can leave a doubt the great love That does not mean that you should give up trailing question prefer the.. And use these new insights when looking for partners. “

So lesson one: throw your fear overboard and just believe in it – no matter if you are three months, three years or 13 years single. Open your eyes. Perhaps you have previously unconsciously sought men who have always hurt you.

2. “All good types are forgiven.”

Couple in bank
Couple in bank

You’ve met a wonderful man again. He is funny, charming, handsome – and has a girlfriend? This can be frustrating. But there are single men. Even if they sometimes hide.

Markus Ernst makes single women’s courage: “Of course, the air in the single market is getting thinner with age, but if you want to find the partner who really fits you, you should also try out unused possibilities, for example online partner agencies can help, Or try a new hobby – like dancing or golfing – or a single trip, which can be a chance to meet interesting men.” So, come on – find the beads.

3. “I do not like one hundred percent and I’m not willing to make compromises at the partner election.”

heart balloons
heart balloons

This is the dilemma of many single women – they want to make everything perfect. But sometimes hand on heart – how perfect are you? Always well-styled, in a good mood, active and empathetic? So why do you expect it from a partner? With your friends you are certainly not so critical. In an American single- partner study from PARSHIP in 2008, 32 percent of single women stated that the search for partners had so far failed on their own, too high demands. Be wiser and belong to the 68 percent. Lever rather unperfected – that is also the claim of the ValentineDayList.

man Smoke in sofa
man Smoke in sofa

4. “I want to share my life with someone, but he can not mess with me.”
Do you see it in your mind before you? The dripping beer bottles are lying on your designing couch table, the dirty underwear are waiting 100 meters from the laundry basket for you to collect them and your affectionately kitchen table angry is littered with cheap brochures? Deep breath – not all men are Missies. Honestly. And the sort of man who wants to redecorate your apartment is also rather rare. Trust in another thing.

Markus said: “The older we get, the more retracted our structures can become, the negative side, but it also means that we know much better what we want, what I want in a partnership and with which I do not live Apart from being a compromise to any partnership and not necessarily limiting the quality of life. ” A man will change your home – that’s fixed. But that would be every man who lives with you. And that’s what you want.

sex love

5. “Men just want to go to bed with me.”
Possibly – but then you have caught one of the 19 percent of single men who are merely looking for a non-binding relationship – namely, sex. This resulted in an European single & partner study by PARSHIP. To the 22 percent, who want neither a relationship nor an affair, you should also make a bow. But in every second, that is, in the 56 per cent of the men who stand alone, you will probably be lucky. They would like to have a long-term relationship.

broken heart
broken heart

6. “I will always leave.”

Every separation, every injury carves a little score into your heart. But should it be hidden forever? Markus Ernst appeals to your own behavior: “Do you recognize when you problematic behavioral and relationship patterns only by the self-analysis you can resolve, so that it can not lead to repetitive relationship gradients Exit the victim, get active and take your own destiny?. In The hand.” Because then you decide who carves in your heart – or who caresses it.
Woman kissing Froggy
Woman kissing Foggy

7. “I rather wait for the great love.”

If it is fate, then I find great love.” Might be. But you certainly did not leave it to the fate of selecting a job for you and sending out applications, right? If you are looking for yourself, Markus Ernst would also advise you: “Instead of just waiting for the big love, you should do everything to recognize them when they are there and then ready for them is authentic and authentic, has created the best conditions for this.

Woman lonely
Woman lonely

8. “I just get to know too few men.”

If you are not living on a lonely pasture, you have to meet a lot of men every day. Admittedly, one does not get in touch with everyone. Therefore, you should use your secret weapon among the men who like you: your smile.

And trust you new things. Take a look every week that you have never dared to do. In the subway, for example, sit deliberately beside a sympathetic man, go alone to a concert. Maybe you run 51 times. But at the fifty-second time it works out – and you do not need more than one man after all.

Woman sad
Woman sad

 9. “I never fall in love.”

There are women who fall in love every three weeks and those who are rarely able to inspire a man. However, a new relationship without butterflies in the belly does not work. What can single women do? Markus Ernst: “In order to be able to fall in love at all, you have to be willing to allow emotions, open yourself and thus make them vulnerable.” Prove courage and break old protective barriers and give this special feeling a chance. “

10. “Actually, my ex was my great love.”

At least many singles believe that. A representative partnership survey showed that 30 percent of the Indian singles believe that they have already met the love of life – in persona of their ex – even if the partnership has not worked out. Whether you ever meet such a great man as your ex, you have to decide for yourself. Your ex may be a step further – with another. Why do not you try it? And celebrate the next Happy Valentines Day with another man. And you can check Valentine Week Listfrom our website to inspire yourself.

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