The 15 Best Martina McBride Songs Ever

In her career, Martina McBride has had tremendous success. McBride has recorded 13 albums, been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards (among many other honors), and sold over 14 million records since joining RCA Nashville in 1991 and releasing her debut album in 1992.

It was quite an accomplishment to reduce her catalog to only ten excellent songs in light of such accomplishments, but these are the Top 10 Martina McBride songs:

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1.”Blessed” from ‘Greatest Hits’ (2001).

We occasionally require a little prompt to reflect on all the benefits in our lives. When things aren’t going your way, listen to McBride’s popular song “Blessed,” which features Carolyn Dawn Johnson providing background vocals, if you’re ever having a bad day. Singing softly, “I thank God for all I’ve been given. At the end of every day, I have been blessed,” she enumerates her greatest blessings in life. The song’s subject of thankfulness struck a deep chord with listeners; “Blessed” became McBride’s fifth No. 1 hit.

2. Valentine,” from the 1997 film “Evolution.”

When Jim Brickman recorded “Valentine” for his 1997 album Picture This, McBride contributed a guest voice. The song eventually surfaced on her album Evolution. Classic McBride’s “Valentine” features her voice shining in a heartfelt ballad that sounds like a love letter set to music, all supported by tasteful piano accompaniment. Because romance can be found every day when you’re in love, this song is appropriate for every day, not just February 14. Peaked at No. 3 on the Adult Contemporary charts, the song was a smash across several genres.

3. “Wild Angels” From the 1995 film “Wild Angels”

“Wild Angels” marked McBride’s first No. 1 single and the beginning of many more to follow. Her second album’s title tune, “Love Is Beautiful,” acknowledges that love is both incredibly difficult and lovely. Having weathered difficult times with her love, McBride sings of “Wild angels / Watching over you and me”. McBride’s vocals drive the upbeat tune, leading one to suggest that she sounds like an angel herself.

4.”Remaining Stuck” From: “Evolution” (1997)

“Still Holding On” was recorded by Clint Black and McBride. It was included on McBride’s Evolution album and released as the first single from Black’s 1997 album Nothin’ But the Taillights. Deep emotion is evoked by the lyrics, which recall a doomed love that is yet very precious to the singers: “Even when my arms are empty, darlin’, I’m still holdin’ on to you.” As a fitting reward for their work, McBride and Black’s song “Still Holding On” was nominated for a Grammy in 1998 for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals.

5. Anyway” off: ‘Waking Up Laughing’ (2007) 

This was the first time that McBride co-wrote a track. She collaborated with country duo the Warren Brothers on “Anyway,” the lead single off her gold-certified Waking Up Laughing album. Mother Teresa’s favorite uplifting poem served as the basis for the song. The main lines are: “God is great, but sometimes life ain’t good. When I pray, it doesn’t always turn out like I think it should. But I do it anyway.” “Anyway” was warmly embraced and was nominated for CMA Song of the Year and Single of the Year, in addition to a Dove Award nomination for Country Recorded Song of the Year.

6. This One’s for the Girls” from ‘Martina’ (2003)

“This One’s for the Girls” is an incredible song that has a profound impact on women across all age groups. It truly is an anthem fit for every woman. In the song, McBride talks about the challenges of being 13 years old, living alone for the first time, and witnessing the lines on your face as time passes. Nevertheless, she assures them all that they look beautiful. Along with country vocalists Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Faith Hill, McBride’s daughters Delaney and Emma also contribute background vocals to the song. Even now, its infectious melody is timeless.

7. “A Broken Wing” taken from “Evolution” (1997).

“A Broken Wing” became McBride’s second No. 1 hit in 1997 and was Evolution’s debut single. The topic of a woman in an abusive relationship is very touching. The lady “loved him like he was the last man on Earth” as she “bore her heart to him, telling him all about her dreams.” But all she got in return was contempt, humiliation, and a man who just “loved to make her cry.” Thankfully, “A Broken Wing” ends happily, with the woman in the song gaining strength and freedom from her husband’s control while also giving any female listener hope and courage.

8. “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” from”Eleven” (2011)

McBride’s Eleven album, “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” resonates with a lot of listeners. With every listen, you also need a box of Kleenex. Through the song, listeners are immersed in the tale of a 38-year-old cancer patient and her devoted spouse. He is her pillar of support, her source of comfort, and the one who keeps her afloat when it seems like she is drowning. The spouse sings, “When you’re weak, I’ll be strong / When you let go, I’ll hold on / When you need to cry, I swear that I’ll be there to dry your eyes,” in the words, which create a moving image. 

9.”Concrete Angel” from ‘Greatest Hits’ (2001).

A moving ballad that vividly depicts the narrative of a little girl being molested, “Concrete Angel” is one of the most moving songs we’ve heard. McBride has stunning vocals that are both passionate and delicate, depressing and extremely optimistic. The words of this song have a lot of meaning, and McBride delivers it well. As “Concrete Angel” rose to the No. 5 spot on the charts, country music fans were aware of a very significant issue.

10.”Independence Day” Taken from: ‘The Way That I Am'(1993)

“Independence Day” stands out as one of McBride’s greatest hits. The song’s failure to make it to the Top 10 wasn’t because listeners weren’t interested in it; rather, radio programmers took issue with the song’s discussion of domestic abuse and the dubious manner in which its protagonist, a mother, handled her violent husband. Despite not finding much success on the charts, “Independence Day” was nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Country Song and Best Country & Western Vocal Performance— Female. It also received CMA Awards for Song of the Year and Video of the Year. “Independence Day” was rated No. 2 on CMT’s 100 Greatest Videos in Country Music in 2002, despite being a contentious video.

11.”How Far”

In this 2004 song, McBride’s strong voice is once again the main attraction. It tells the story of a lady who is fed up with a love partner who is unresponsive and scared to stand up for their relationship.

12.”Wild Angels”

In 1995, “Wild Angels” became McBride’s first No. 1 single. Furthermore, McBride’s third studio album has the song as its title track.

13.”Love’s The Only House”

This 1999 Top 10 hit had a hint of urgency in her delivery, some bluesy harmonica, and lyrics that were occasionally half-spoken, half-sung, departing slightly from some of the social conscience songs she is renowned for. In the song, a woman laments the problems in society and exhorts listeners to show love for persons in their immediate vicinity and look for opportunities to provide a hand.

14.”Whatever You Say”

With lyrics like “Whether I go whether I stay/Right now depends on whatever you say,” the vocalist of this catchy song by Ed Hill and Tony Martin is resigned to the idea that she can’t save her broken relationship. Background vocals are also provided by Sara Evans on this track.

15.”There You Are” 

Composed by Ed Hill, Mark D. Sanders, and Bob DiPiero, “There You Are” was recorded by Martina McBride, an American country music performer. The third single from her album Emotion was made available in May 2000. The song became McBride’s first Top 20 success on the US Adult Contemporary chart and her twelfth Top 10 hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks.

These are our Top 15, although given McBride’s extensive discography, it’s likely that our readers have some more favorites that we missed. Please share in the comments area below the songs you would add to this list!

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