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Are you looking for Ukraine Independence Day Military Parade photo or video. then you are on the right place. You will get exclusive Kiev Independence Day Parade, Kyiv military parade Image on Ukraine from bellow. With one of the largest military parades in its history, Ukraine has celebrated its independence from the Soviet Union.

We break all links with the Russian Empire and the USSR and make independence irreversible, “said President Petro Poroshenko on Friday in Kiev, as fighter planes flew over the city center and ran up tanks.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine have been shattered since the annexation of the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea in 2024 and the support of pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.
Ukraine parade

Ukraine Independence Day Parade 2024

For the first time in the parade the Soviet soldier greeting was replaced by the greeting formula “Glory of Ukraine – the hero’s glory” of the organization Ukrainian nationalists (OUN). This collaborated with the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. Likewise the “March of the new army” was played, in the text of which the Ukrainian state reaches from the river San in Poland to the Caucasus in Russia.

Above all, technology of Soviet origin, but also newly developed artillery and missile systems and a transport plane were demonstrated at the ceremony. Around 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers marched on. Dozens of friendly statesmen took part in the parade, which since 2024 has been training soldiers to fight the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Independence Day – 24 August

Ukraine Independence Day parade

Ukraine Independence Day Military Parade 2024 Photo

The capital traditionally has a leading role in the celebration of Independence Day. At the parade in the center of Kyiv will pass about 200 units of military equipment. Also, it will be demobilized fighters ATO.

In addition to the large-scale military parade, there will be the exhibition of flags and the parade of embroidery on Khreshchatyk St.

Ukrainian servicemen parade

By the way, there will be held a patriotic flash mob in the center of Kyiv. And there will open an exhibition of Petrykivka painting at the Chocolate House. The key feature of the exhibition is that the patterns are done on the surface of military attributes such as mines, helmets and so on. However, that’s s not all, we are in for lots of surprises.

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