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Valentines Day List 2024: Date, Schedule (Know About Each Day)

Wishing you Happy Valentines Day 2024! Men and women have been feeling love to each other from the very ancient times. Attraction towards opposite gender is the everlasting nature of human being. That is why people fall in love over and again no matter what or how much one gets hurt. Thousands of millions of glorious workings, myths, poetries and literary works have been composed based on love throughout the ages. Love is such a feeling where even a princess could fall in deep love with a penny less beggar. Happy Valentines Day List. Likewise, there are countless examples of billionaires out there who have fallen deeply in love with indigent girls and sacrificed all their wealth and luxury for the sake of love.

Happy Valentines Day 2024

These marks of love will still remain on this gorgeous planet as long as people breathe here. We are living in peace because of the existence of love. There are lots of people who became immortal by reason of their love deep from their heart. However, left behind all of them, Saint Valentine has become ever fadeless since the tradition of celebrating word valentine day according to his name. All the lovers around the world get together to celebrate in this day and show respect to his departure.


The day, in the middle of February, was declared as World Day of Love since Saint Valentine was sentenced to death on 14 February Special Day. And this day was named as Valentine Day. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in most of the countries around the world on February 14th. People express their love for each other on this day. However, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 6th July and 30th July in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

14 february


Valentine day is not the newly circulated day. Rather a day celebrated earlier was named after Valentine as world Valentine day. However, the theme of it was changed as soon as it was named as Valentine day. Basically, the celebration of valentine day was started from the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome 14th of February was the sacred day celebrated to show an honor to Juno, the queen of the Roman goddess. The Romans believed her to be the goddess of women and marriage. Following that day, 15th February, the next day was celebrated for the special dinner of the Lupercalia festival.

In 496, Pope Zelicius set the date of February 14 in honor of St. Valentine and was later this day has been celebrated according to his name.  After naming this day according to the name of Valentine it started to gain popularity all over the world.  Almost all countries of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day nationally.  And nowadays, for all the young generation, Valentine’s Day is the time to express the best of their love.

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Valentine’s Day got such popularity that in the later time many more days have been celebrated for different occasion crediting on valentine day. Basically, it can be said as a preparation of love where there are all activities starting from introduction part to others like gifting rose, hugging and so on. After that, it comes valentine day. Before this, all the date appears one after another with the excellent oncoming messages.  Valentine Week will also continue in 2024 as always.

Valentine week list 2024
List of Valentine Days 2024

Finally, the most awaited Happy Valentines Day will come. So, let us gather some knowledge about valentine week and all the date in this week before celebrating the upcoming valentine day.

ROSE DAY – 7th February

The Valentine week in 2024 is going to start on 7th February with the rose day. The day will be started after 12 o clock on Friday night. In this day everybody will gift rose flower to their loved one. The fragrance of rose will be spread over all. This can be said for the prior preparation to propose. Giving flower is the part of approaching someone. All will be fascinated with the fragrance of red rose. All the boys and girls will try their best to give rose flowers as a gift to their lovers. The bond of the new couple will spread the fragrance of love as like as rose.

Valentine Rose Day
Happy Rose Day

Flowers are the very effective gift for the new relation. It is very hard to find someone who does not get attracted by the mesmeric fragrance of the flower. It is very easy to impress and approach to anyone with the real flower. And if the flower is rose, the king of all flowers then no word is needed to describe the positive ambiance. The softness of rose touches the mind of every one. So you can give more and more roses as a gift to your loved one as a preparation of proposing who are thinking to build a new relationship and show the individualism of Rose Day. A rose on Rose Day can be the entrance of your love.

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Propose Day image
Propose Day image

PROPOSE DAY – 8th February

Propose day is the second day of valentine week. This day will start on Saturday, 8th February. After proposing with the rose on the first day you need to propose now which will increase your chance. So you can choose the proposed day of valentine week to propose your loved one. Though historically it was not found any reliable historic explanation to propose in this day but proposing in Valentine week is obviously something more romantic. From that view propose day will play the right role. What is the problem in that to have a selected day to propose for celebrating love? You can propose your love with rose or chocolate or a greeting card in this day. Many people choose this day to propose and express their feelings to their loved one since this is the special propose day to them though you can propose on any day of the year. Since this is a special date so it has a specialty.

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CHOCOLATE DAY – 9th February

The third day of Valentine week is the chocolate day that is celebrated on 9th February. This day is Sunday in the 2024 valentine week. You may have got the consent of your lover for proposing in the proposed day now you need some gift like chocolates to make your lover happy. However, chocolate remains on the top of the list as a gift since everyone likes chocolate. Everyone gives more and more chocolate as a gift to their loved one in this day. Actually, there are some attractive appeals hiding in its name as chocolate. The chocolate day has gained its eternal demand in the valentine week. It is wise to say that a small piece of chocolate means a bigger portion of love. No matter how low or how much does it cost, getting a chocolate is a matter of happiness not only for the children as well as a matter of good feeling for your lover. Like a pampered teddy beside a bouquet of roses, the delightful chocolate also occupies the spot to express love.

It is said that expressing the feelings to the loved one and giving chocolate as a gift is the old tradition that is continuing from the ancient time. Researchers say chocolate contains such an antioxidant that works as a stimulator. It also frees us from tension and tiredness. This useful thing is obviously a welcoming thing for the lovers. So make your lover happy gifting them loads of chocolates in this chocolate day.

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teddy day images
Teddy Day Images

TEDDY DAY – 10th February

The fourth day of valentine week is 10th February which is known as the teddy day. The day will be Monday in this year. Teddy means the different types of beautiful dolls. Girls always like teddy as they seem it as their own child and in this way they got a little feel for motherhood. That is why they like the teddy bear so much. Everyone gift teddy doll to their loved one in the teddy day.

This special teddy day of the valentine week must not be kept un-celebrated. A soft and tiny beautiful teddy can change the mood of your lover within a moment. Without expressing any word this teddy can tell a lot as your messenger and presents your feelings to your loved one. All the fights and distractions will vanish in a moment if you get a teddy for your lover. This is the day for both the girls and boys to surprise each other and to show loads of love to each other by giving them a teddy. Teddy is a very much popular gift for all the lovers around the world. A gift increases the affection to each other and everybody likes to get it. Teddy is one of the popular soft toys of the world has its own story behind its creation.

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PROMISE DAY – 11th February

The fifth day of the valentine week is promise day. In this year the promise day will be on Tuesday, 11th February. Promise means giving your words to others and this is the strongest weapon to keep your relation enduring. Lots of promises people make in this day to their beloved one. One may break the promise that was made on other different days but they usually don’t break their promise if it is made on the promise day. We all know that in every relation promises are very essential. From the starting to ending lots of things get changed but promises remain the same for them who are in true love. In this consideration, the most beautiful day of the valentine week is promise day.

promise day 2018

And we know love is eternal, so in this day all the couple may promise to each other for making something new and being in eternal love. Making and keeping promises should not be limited to this week only but it should also last all over the year. This will strengthen the bond of your love and make your future more enjoyable.

Again it can be said that 11th February is a lucky day alone when you need not cost any other thing but promise, you can make your love happen by promising. A bouquet of roses might get dry, a diamond ring might get stolen but a promise has no such threat if you keep it up. It’s your responsibility to keep your word and it does not even cost you any. So be careful while you are promising and try your best to keep your promise in Happy Valentines Day.

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happy hug day

HUG DAY – 12th February

The sixth day of valentine week is 12th February, the hug day. This is going to be Wednesday in this year of 2024. A hug means the act of holding someone tightly in one’s arms. In this day lovers hug each other and it is the beauty of true love. Even a simple hug can change the mood of your lover instantly. Your soft touch will express how much you are loyal to your love and loving one.

The loveliness of your hug will tell a lot in a non-uttering way to your lover. A hug though short has the power to give you longer serenity. This is not only happened to the couple but it is also a good way of expressing love for your beloved one. There have the scientific explanations that all the positive activities in love have the positive impacts on the body and mind. So, what are you waiting for, just love and spread the love.

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kiss day images
kiss day images

KISS DAY – 13th February

With the rotation of the wheel of the time here it time comes the 13th February, the kiss day. The seventh day of valentine week is the kiss day. In this day with loads of kisses couples make the day very special and colorful for them. This way of love and touch contains much affections and loyalties and make the bond of the lover stronger.

Kiss is an important ingredient of love and you can express thousands of facts in a non-verbal approach that no one is capable of expressing it verbally. One of the ways of measuring the depth of love is the kiss. Hugging your loving one and giving a kiss is an endless bliss for both of you. So it’s your turn to spread the love for your loving one in this kiss day of Happy Valentines Day.

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Valentine hd photo


All of you in this day search for various designed photos, covers, love cards etc.  Every one of you wants to wish and surprise your beloved on with creative stuff. Keeping that in our mind we are here for you with a lot of valentine day images. You just need to download these according to your choice preference. Check Happy Valentines Day images from below.

Pink Valentine image
Happy Valentine image
Valentine love img
Valentine love Photo
valentine gift card
Valentine Gift Card

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We usually send SMS full of all beautiful messages to our loved one to surprise them on the valentine day. Here this time we also come with all the killing SMS targeting the valentine day. After reading all our nice and creative SMS, the happiness of your lover will be increased mostly. Let us have a look at those sparkling SMS.

  1. Your name softly touches my heart and chest with affection like the falling sun of the end of the afternoon that put the beautiful red tip in the sky.
  2. The name written on the stone might be erased, the name composed of the paper might be destroyed but your name will remain in my heart until the death. Happy valentine day.
  3. Why leaves float on the water of a pond though there is no tree, why she smiles from the obscure though no one can see, why the heart cries due to that amusing smiley. Happy valentine day.
  4. The sky and soil join together on rainwater, the river and ocean join together on embouchure and we will join together on this valentine day out there. Happy valentine day.
  5. Let the sorrows get erased, memories are refreshed, happiness is eternal, and love is forever continual. Happy valentine day.
  6. As long as the moon, the sun, the earth and I will remain. I will always say ‘I love you’ no matter how much it will pain.
  7. The alarm has been ringing on the clock of the mind, and the time is not so far. My heart is saying from the inside today, I love you forever.
  8. One day we will walk again together and your hair will flutter one day the empty air will again touch us and the peacock flower. Happy valentine day.
  9. If mind would be the sky then you would be the moon, I would continue to love you leaving my hand on your hand soon. If happiness would be the heart and you would be the smile, I would open the door of the heart and say I love you in every style.

10. I want you in reality, not in imagination; I want you in love, not in desertion. I want you as mine like the entire good wish I sought; I want you forever and do not let you be lost.

Now it’s your turn how you are going to make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one for the rest of your life. Do not regret your past if it was not up to your expectation and do not let this Valentine’s Day go uncelebrated like the past years because you might lose something special. Hope the best for all of your upcoming Valentine’s Day and enjoy your life like the superior. Get yourself prepared, make your present colorful with whatever things or abilities you have and spread the love to all because no one knows what is going to happen in future. Finally, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL OF YOU, CHEERS!!!

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