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World Science Day 2024 for Peace and Development

Every year, World Science Day is celebrated all over the globe with a view to raising awareness of the benefits, importance, and blessings of science worldwide. The day is for global peace and development that highlights the major role of science in lives, society, country, and world. The day also upholds the necessity to engage people in science from every corner of the world. In reality, science is such an important thing that leads our everyday lives. 

World Science Day 2024

World Science Day is celebrated worldwide on 10th November every year. World Science Day in 2024 is on Sunday in the month of November. The day helps a lot to promote scientific and technological advancement and innovation over time to address and solve existing problems.  There is no doubt that celebrating the day creates a great awareness to engage people in science and encourages people to gain and share knowledge on science.

Some important facts and details of World Science Day are mentioned in the table below.

Facts Details
World Science Day Observance 10th November every year
World Science Day observed in 2002
World Science Day was first proclaimed by UNESCO in 2001
World Science Day 2024 Theme “Open science, leaving no one behind”
World Science Day is also known as WSDPD
Purpose of World Science Day Observance To raise the awareness of the benefits, importance, and blessings of science worldwide.

World Science Day 2024 Theme

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) works with people from all sectors, government and private agencies and organizations to promote World Science Day every year.  The Day brings a good opportunity for people to gather together about the topic of science for peace and development.

World Science Day 2024 “Open science, leaving no one behind”

Celebrate World Science Day

From the very beginning of the celebrations earlier years, UNESCO strongly encourages all to gather knowledge on science and act accordingly. UNESCO also eagerly inspires people of all ages and professions to join in celebrating the day for peace and development by organizing different events and activities on the day. People across the world celebrate the day by attending and participating in several seminars, conversations, programs, and events.

Objectives of World Science Day

There are some vital objectives of World Science Day for Peace and Development. We all should come together to fulfill the purpose and objective of World Science Day to ensure the bigger benefits of science. Below are the objectives of this world day.

  • Build up and spread overall awareness on the function of science for peaceful, developed and sustainable world;
  • Encourage harmony of shared science among different countries nationally and internationally;
  • Establish the commitment for the utilization and application of science for the betterment of societies nationally and internationally;
  • Attract overall attention to address and solve the challenges and limitations by science and enhance support and promotion for the scientific endeavor.

On this World Science Day, let us make the commitment to open science and take steps to make our world a better living place.

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