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Austrian National Day 2024: Date, History, Messages, Wishes, Theme, Activities

October 26th is Austrian National Day. On this Austrian National Day, most Austrian schools close for three days to celebrate the beginning of the carnival. This carnival is the highlight of the Austrian calendar, with music, dance, theater performances, food festivals, and other attractions throughout the day.

Austrian National Day day has been a recognized federal holiday for 56 years. Did you know that Austria ratified the Federal Constitutional Law on Austria’s Neutrality on this day? On this day, Austria declared its neutrality, chose not to join any military coalitions and decided not to permit the establishment of any military bases on its soil. This day, which is also known as the Day of the Austrian Flag, commemorates the declaration of Austria’s restoration of sovereignty following World War II. Austrians adopted this decision to remain neutral as part of their national identity.

A procession along the Seine passed through the city, and Austrian soldiers wore their best clothes and drifted along the Seine. The parade ended with a concert at the Austrian National Opera, with Austrian singer Peter Kabinger as the emcee. It is believed that the premiere of this opera took place on this day in 1955.

Austrian National Day Date

The Austrian National Day, which is observed on October 26, is tied to post-World War II political changes. The permanent neutrality constitutional legislation was adopted by the Austrian Parliament in 1955, and since 1965, it has been commemorated as Austrian National Day.

Austrian National Day (German: Nationalfeiertag) is a public holiday on October 26 each year. This public holiday commemorates Austria’s declaration of neutrality on this day in 1955.

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History of Austrian National Day

October 26 is the Austrian National Day, which is related to various political developments after World War II. After the defeat of the Nazi regime, Austria was invaded by the four major German forces (the Soviet Union, Britain, France, and Italy). The Western world recognizes the Austrian National Day as a commemoration of the loss of Austrian territory during the war.

Austrian National Day Photo
Austrian National Day Photo

Austrian National Day originated from a historical event that occurred in 1955 when Austria and Germany were reunified. As a result of this unification, Austria was able to introduce a constitutional order that grants civil liberties. It also declared neutrality and joined the European Community. Austrian National Day celebrations are seen as celebrating Austria’s recent developments that have helped it to freely choose its own path in the political and economic spheres. As a symbol of Austria’s neutrality, on this day, the flag of the Republic of Austria was lowered at half-mast outside the parliament building and the federal office building.

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In addition to the constitutional changes, Austria has also undergone the establishment of new and higher powers in response to the actions of the German occupation forces in Austria. The occupying power drafted an interim constitution, which included the central administrative agency, the consultative body of the highest military command, and the appointment of the commander of the Austrian army. After World War II, these powers were later absorbed into the German Constitution. During the Austrian National Day, all Austrian leaders pledged their support for the unification of Austria. They regarded Austria as a symbol of peace and tolerance for other cultures and religions.

Another embodiment of the spirit of the Austrian National Day is that Austrian nationals visit Austrian museums throughout the year. Austria has many major museums, including the Vienna Museum, which attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year. Other major museums in Vienna include the History Museum, the National Museum, the Austrian National Museum, the Academy of Music, and the University of Vienna. Every year, all these museums hold various exhibitions and events, showcasing Austria’s unique culture, art, history, literature, and visual arts.

Austrian National Day Celebration

Although many people consider Austria to be a divided country due to its neutrality, the celebration of Austria’s National Day proves that there are still close ties between the Austrian people and Austria’s neighbors. During the celebrations, Austrian citizens and foreigners participated in many activities and competitions, such as horse riding, dog riding, polo, and ice skating.

In Vienna, Austria, on this joyous National Day, people put purple Austrian tulips on the coffin of Emperor Franz Vonnessan to commemorate the unification of Austria after the tragic war in Austria and Serbia. The Austrian flag is also displayed in white and blue. These colors represent eternity and peace.

Austrian National Day Boy with national flag
Austrian National Day Boy with national flag

Austrian National Day Activities

Participate in the Military Parade

On every Austrian National Day, you can see wonderful performances on the streets of Austria. You can take part in the military parade held in the vicinity of Hofburg. The parade also includes marching bands and various performances.

Witness the President’s speech

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the president’s speech live? You can visit the Federal Chancellery and the Austrian Parliament and listen to the president’s national speech.

Visit the Museum

The Austrian capital has many museums to choose from, and if you visit them on National Day, they are usually free. Austria is rich in culture and history, and you can learn more in all the museums across the country.

Austrian National Day Landscape Photo
Austrian National Day Landscape Photo

Some Interesting Facts of Austria

  • The name Austria is derived from the Germanic “austro”, which means “Eastern”.
  • The Austrian flag is a very old national flag in the world.
  • The sewing machine was invented by the Austrian Joseph Madsperger.
  • About a quarter of Austria’s population lives in Vienna.
  • Vienna has the oldest zoo in the world, built in 1752.
  • Austria is famous for its mountain railways and Gisellaba trains and other trains.
  • Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the German sports car company “Porsche”, is from Austria.
  • Famous bodybuilder and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian.
  • The first postcard used was in Austria.

Austrian National Day Messages

On Austrian National Day, send notes to your friends, coworkers, and close relatives.

A guy loses his freedom if he takes away another person’s freedom. We must get together to oppose those who believe they are entitled to own other people’s lives. Happy Austrian National Day! Let’s all rejoice in the wonderful Freedom!

Allow your sense of patriotism to shine. Let your actions reflect a true fighter’s spirit. Let’s practice tolerance and patience. We ought to stop harming and maiming other people needlessly. We must do every effort to maintain the particular and delicate nature of our nation. Happy Austrian National Day to you.

Many people gave their lives in an effort to improve this nation. We ought to respect that and refrain from taking any action that will tarnish the nation’s reputation. Making this country better than it was in the past is our shared obligation. Happy Austrian National Day!

We value those who made our independence possible today. Although freedom is elusive, we were fortunate to possess it. Let’s be grateful for all that we have and honour the wonderful miracle of freedom. Happy Austrian National Day!

Austrian National Day Wishes

Austrian National Day is celebrated on October 26th each year. If you’d like to send wishes or greetings to someone in Austria or celebrate this day, here are some messages you can use:

  • “Happy Austrian National Day! Wishing the beautiful country of Austria and its people a day filled with pride and joy.”
  • “Warmest wishes on Austrian National Day! May the spirit of unity and the rich culture of Austria continue to shine.”
  • “On this special day, let’s celebrate Austria’s heritage and its bright future. Happy National Day!”
  • “May the colors of the Austrian flag forever wave high! Happy National Day to all my Austrian friends!”
  • “Wishing all Austrians a day filled with love for your country, happiness, and success. Happy National Day!”
  • “As Austria marks another year of its rich history, may this National Day bring you prosperity and peace.”
  • “Happy Austrian National Day! Here’s to the stunning landscapes, the classical music, and the warm-hearted people of Austria.”
  • “On this National Day, let’s celebrate the beauty of Austria, from the Alps to the charming cities. Cheers to this amazing country!”
  • “Warmest wishes to Austria on National Day! May your culture, traditions, and history continue to thrive.”
  • “Happy National Day, Austria! May your future be as bright as your past is rich.”
  • “Wishing Austria a National Day filled with pride, togetherness, and endless joy. Prost to a great nation!”
  • “May Austria’s National Day be a reminder of the strength and unity of its people. Happy celebrations to all!”
  • “On this Austrian National Day, I’m sending my best wishes for peace, progress, and prosperity to this wonderful nation.”
  • “As Austria celebrates its National Day, may the spirit of freedom and cultural richness continue to flourish. Happy holidays!”
  • “Happy National Day, Austria! From the heart of Europe, your nation’s beauty and history inspire us all.”

Feel free to use these messages to convey your warm wishes on Austrian National Day, or adapt them as needed to suit the occasion and the recipient.

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