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National Day of the Deployed 2024: History, Activities, Wishes, Quotes

Every year on October 26, the United States celebrates National Day of the Deployed to recognize the military soldiers serving overseas.

The title honours all of the valiant military members who have served abroad, are making sacrifices, or have given their lives in the line of duty in order to defend our nation. It also recognizes the sacrifices that their families make so that their loved ones can serve our country when they are away from them during deployment.

When is National Day of the Deployed?

On October 26, National Day of the Deployed, we thank all military personnel serving overseas as well as their families for maintaining life at home while they are away. It’s difficult to think of a more difficult military assignment than one that sends our service members to foreign nations, far from home. The sacrifices made by those serving outside the US during deployment are difficult to understand unless you personally know someone who is doing so. Here are some easy ways to thank, support, and inspire our incredible American soldiers.

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National Day of the Deployed History

National Day of the Deployed was established in 2006 by Shelle Michaels Aberle. Ms Aberle asked then-Gov. of North Dakota John Hoeven for his support of a state proclamation commemorating the day. The first governor to officially recognize deployed troops in the United States was Governor Hoeven.

David Hosna, a native of Bottineau, North Dakota, and Aberle’s cousin, was a Major in the US Army on the first Day of the Deployed. Given that it was Hosna’s birthday, Aberle selected October 26. He later took his Colonel retirement. The first ceremony honoured the NDARNG 1-188th ADA SECFOR and JLENS deploying to Afghanistan and was held in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

To establish a national day of honour in 2011, Senator John Hoeven spearheaded the movement and co-sponsored S.RES.295. On October 18, 2011, a resolution to establish the first national day in honour of deployed service members and their families was unanimously approved. National Day of the Deployed was commemorated in all 50 states as of 2012.

National Day of the Deployed Activities

Celebrate National Day of the Deployed in various ways. Here you go with some ideas on how to celebrate the day-

Send a bundle of comfort

Care packages are welcomed by service members. Check out the United States Postal Service’s website for advice on how to pack and transport items efficiently, especially if you’re sending them abroad. Prepare to send things like magazines, chewing gum, baseball caps, playing cards, toiletries, beef jerky and other munchies. Additionally, you can provide money to groups that will buy, pack, and ship the care packages on your behalf.

Support the families of our deployed military personnel

You can support someone you know who has a loved one serving in the military in a number of ways. Are you skilled? Offer to assist with yard work or repairs around the house. It also lightens the load a little to offer to make a meal or watch the kids.

Put a yellow ribbon on display

Yellow ribbons are a symbol of your support for those serving far from home and your desire for their safe return. You can hang one on your front porch or tie one around a tree or mailbox.

National Day of the Deployed Wishes, Quotes, Messages

  •  “Wishing you nothing but the best on your mission.”
  • “You’ll be in a lot of people’s thoughts, prayers and hearts while you’re over there.”
  •  “You and your unit are strong, brave, trained and skilled. You got this.”
  • “While you’re deployed, please remember how grateful we are for your service.”
  • “You’ll be missed, but we know we’ll see you again.”
  • “You take care of things over there—and we’ll take care of things over here until you get back.”

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