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Happy Grandparents Day 2024 [Show Your Love & Respect to Them]

Grandparents always want to make their grandchildren happy and laughed. They always work as magic & miracle to sprinkle the bliss on their grandchildren. And the same happened in your life. Right? That’s why you are looking for making them also happy on the happy grandparents day 2024 with a special surprise. You are the great as you are grateful to their efforts and looking for the balancing act.

When is Grandparents Day 2024?

You want to celebrate the happy grandparents day 2024 to make happy your beloved and respected grandparents but you don’t know the exact date of the celebration day. Cool down. It’s celebrated on the 1st Sunday in the U.S.A after Labor Day. So, this year, grandparents’ day will be celebrated on 8 September 2024 in the U.S.A. Now get ready and make the day dazzling one for your grandparents. Okay?

Year Day Grandparents Day Falls On Grandparents Day (USA)
2022 Sunday September 11, 2024
2023 Sunday September 10, 2024
2024 Sunday September 08, 2024
2025 Sunday September 07, 2024

Happy Grandmother’s Day 2024

There is no separate day to celebrate the grandmother’s day in any country except Poland. In Poland, grandmother’s day and grandfather’s day is celebrated in 2 days. They observe the grandmother’s day on 21 January and grandfather’s day on 22 January every year.

Otherwise, grandparents’ day is the grandmother’s day in all other countries. So, it’s normal this year, the Grandmother’s Day 2024 will be celebrated on the Grandparents Day 2024, after Labor Day. It means it will be observed on 1st Sunday, 11 September 2024 in the U.S.A.

Grandparents Day card

Grandparents Day Celebration

You will be glad to know that this year the grandparents day is going to be celebrated with the theme of  “Dig In! Bringing Generations to the Table”. The theme aims to engage the grandparents with the new generation and teach and encourage the new generation to do something for their grandparents as they did for their grandchildren.

So, you can do many things to show your respect for them. And, to know what you can do, go on reading the article and find a few amazing ideas to astonish your grandparents.

National Grandparents Day Activities

Grandparents’ day is knocking at your door and you want to celebrate the day for the honor of your grandparents but you don’t know how to celebrate grandparents’ day or what to do on this day. Am I right? Don’t worry. Here, I have some unique ideas on grandparents’ day activities and how to celebrate this special day for your grandpa & grandma.

  • Wish them with a special message
  • Stay the whole day with them
  • Buy a gift for your grandparents
  • Talk about their likes and dislikes
  • Go for an outing with them and visit the park & museum
  • Go fishing with your grandparents
  • Write poems about them
  • Paint your grandparents’ image
  • Do what you liked in your childhood

Happy Grandparents Day Wishes

Yeah! Grandparents’ gay is a special day in your life as this day is a great opportunity for you to show your feelings about your grandparents to them. This is the day to thank them for what they have done for you throughout your life.

National Grandparents Day

And you can show your wholehearted feelings for them with a special wish through a message or quotes in a grandparent’s day card including a flower and gift liked by your grandparents. You can go here for some heart touching grandparents’ day Wishes.

Grandparents Day Ideas

There are many unique grandparents’ day ideas that can startle them. You can do any one of them to celebrate the day and show your love and respect to them and thus you can flood them with joy and happiness. So, let’s learn all about grandparents’ day ideas that you can do for them:

  • Make ready the greeting cards
  • Get a plan for grandchild-grandparents ice cream with a bonding
  • Wear a T-shirt with a write “ I love you Grandpa or Grandma” or with the name of “Nana’s Grandchildren”
  • Find out a book with a memorable story about grandchildren and grandparents
  • Have a mug with your grandparents’ photo
  • Create your grandparents’ favorite crafts like watercolor art, flower pots and salt dough coasters.
  • Get a set of canvas
  • Write a poem about them
  • Write a letter to your grandparents
  • Cook their special recipe

You can also know many more special ideas from here.

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National Grandparents Day 2024 USA

This year the USA is going to celebrate the national grandparents day 2024 on Sunday, 11 September 2024. Though this is not a public holiday, it falls on national holiday as it’s celebrated on the first Sunday of September each year. Millions of people from USA show their love and respect to their grandparents through many ways and activities.

Grandparents Day Ideas

They like to offer surprising gifts, cards and send a special message. Many Children like to invite their grandparents to their school, tell a story relating to grandchildren and grandparents. Many go for fishing or outing to entertain their grandparents. Also, they like to arrange a special dinner on the respect of their grandparents.

Many grandchildren meet their grandparents with a gift or card including a flower who are living away from their grandchildren. Or they appreciate their grandparents with a phone call and sending a special message with a gift to them.

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Grandparents Day 2024 Canada

In Canada, the day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday. So, this year, grandparents’ day will be celebrated in Canada on 11 September 2024 which gets matched with the USA this year.

Canada began to observe this day from 1995 as grandparents day to honor grandparents and show love to them. Above all, the purpose is to increase a bond between grandchildren and grandparents and strengthen the wisdom and guidance in the young generation given and offered by their grandparents from their experience.

On this day, the grandchildren from Canada also show their love and respect to their grandparents in many ways. They like to get together, appreciate them, arrange a special meal, plan an event, create a card, and send a message with a gift and so on.

Grandparents Day 2024 in India

India also observes the grandparents day on the 1st Sunday in September after Labor Day like the USA. So, this year, the people of India will observe the day on 11 September 2024. They take this day as an opportunity to show their love and respect to their honorable grandparents.

Through different activities, they want to understand their grandparents how much they love and respect their grandparents. The grandchildren offer their grandparents flowers, cards, and gifts with a special message or letter.

Happy Grandparents Day 2024 Singapore

Though in many countries the grandparents day is observed on the 1st Sunday after Labor Day, Singapore observes this day on the 4th Sunday of November which was established officially in 1998. So, this year, grandparents’ day will be observed in Singapore on 27 November 2024.

On this day, grandparents play a vital role to show love and respect to their grandparents adopting many activities. They appreciate their grandparents for what they did for them and thus stronger a bond between them.

While highlight lighting their roles, grandchildren arrange a special dinner for their grandparents, send a thank you card, get together, and send a message with a special gift to their grandparents.

Grandparents Day 2024 Philippines

The Philippines also observes the grandparents day on the 2nd Sunday of September. So, this year, the Philippines will celebrate grandparents’ day on 11 September 2024.

On this day, the grandparents favor giving their grandparents flowers and gifts with eating out in restaurants. And, they do all these to show deep love and respect to them because their grandparents played a special role to grow up them taking care when their parents were out of the home.

Thus, the Philippines also want to teach their children love, affection, respect, and values to their elder.

Grandmother Day 2024 France

In France, the grandmother’s day is observed on the 1st Sunday in March every year. So, this year, the day will be celebrated on 7 March 2024. On this day, the people of France show love and deep respect for their grandmothers. The grandchildren want their grandmothers’ tip-top.

Moreover, the grandmothers also want to see them far younger than their actual age. Therefore, they like to wear a fresh and beautiful dress and get together. The grandchildren arrange a special meal for their grandmother and offer flowers and gifts to make their grandmother happy and smiled.

Polish Grandmother’s Day 2024

Poland celebrates the grandparents’ day on two days. First, they observe the grandmother’s day on 21 January and one day later, on 22 January, they observe the grandfather’s day.

On these two days, the polish people congratulate and show their respect to their grandparents. They prefer to give their grandparents greeting cards, flowers, and gifts to show their appreciation to their grandparents.

Besides, the people of Poland arrange different types of programs in kindergarten and school in honor of their grandparents.

Grandparents Day UK 2024

Though the grandparents’ day is observed on the 1st Sunday of September after Labor Day, in the UK, grandparents’ day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of October.

So, this year, the UK will observe this day on 02 October 2024. On this day, the people of the UK show their grandparents how much they love and respect them through different activities.

They prefer to give their grandparents cards and gifts besides sending a special message to them. They also like to go out for a special meal, fishing, attending a program and so on.

Through these activities, they remind their grandparents that they are so much caring to them as their grandparents were to them when they were children.

Final Thought

I hope now you know everything about the happy grandparents day 2024 and how to celebrate the day to show your love and deep respect to your grandparents. As the day is very near to you, take your all preparations like getting a card, writing a special message or letter to grandparents, buying a special gift for them and what you like to do. And thus make the day special one for them making them happy.

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