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Happy Memorial Day for Kids Activities, Fun Facts, Wishes, Speech

Last Monday of May is National Memorial Day of the USA. It is the day when we remember our fallen troops of war. Since this day is a national holiday, many families either go on a picnic or arrange barbeque in the backyard. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Memorial Day for kids but it is important for kids to know the true meaning of Memorial Day.

To many kids, it’s just another holiday for going on a beach or picnic. Some may know the facts. Many parents find it a bit difficult to discuss the context of war and death with the kids. But it’s always easier when you discuss with them according to their age.

Happy Memorial Day for Kids

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Memorial Day Kids Activities

Some of the Memorial Day kids activities are as below:

  • You can visit the nearest veteran cemetery or war memorial to pay tribute to your kids and let them know about our national heroes who have sacrificed their lives for our country. Kids can take some flowers to the graveyard.
  • Shop from a local veteran shop or buy something from the shop of the family members who have lost their beloved ones in the war.

Fun Facts about Memorial Day

Fun Facts about Memorial Day

You may have some extra fun with your kids on Memorial Day. Some of the fun facts of this day are below:

  • Memorial Day is in May because of the availability of flowers. Flowers are mandatory in the graveyard. Giving flowers is a great way to show love, respect, and gratitude.
  • Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day previously. It was originally created for commemorating the Union and Confederate soldiers who passed away in the American civil war.
  • Northern states of the USA observed this day more spontaneously than the confederate states. Southern states also celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. They have a slightly different way to celebrate this day.
  • This day was founded by General John A. Logan. He was the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. It is a group of Union veterans of the American civil war. Logan issued a General Order declaring May 30 as Memorial Day for fallen Union soldiers. It was celebrated since then.

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Memorial Day Activity for Preschooler

Memorial Day Activity for Preschooler

Some of the great Memorial Day activities for preschooler are below:

  • Make a USA flag with your kid. Help them to make a flag with some color paper or simply draw a flag.
  • Wave the flag your kids made, in your backyard. Salute in front of the national flag to show respect. Sing some patriotic songs. Teach kids some patriotic songs.
  • Make some Memorial Day cards with your kids. To show respect for the martyrs the card must express the true essence of national day mourning.
  • Storytelling can be a great way of learning. Bring your kids to the local veteran storytelling occasion. When veteran tells their story of war to them, kids got enlightened.
  • Kids can also write a short essay on national Memorial Day according to their age. Let them write whatever they know about this day. Try to know what their perception about this day is. Talk to them on this day about their feelings for the fallen war heroes.

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Memorial day for kids wishes

Here are some Memorial Day wishes suitable for kids:

  1. “On this special day, let’s remember the brave heroes who protected our country. Happy Memorial Day, little one!”
  2. “Wishing you a happy Memorial Day, where we honor the superheroes who fought for our freedom. You’re a superhero too, for remembering and appreciating their sacrifice!”
  3. “As we enjoy this day, let’s remember the brave soldiers who made our world safer. Have a meaningful Memorial Day, filled with gratitude and joy.”
  4. “Happy Memorial Day! Let’s take a moment to thank the brave men and women who protected our nation. They are our true heroes!”
  5. “On this Memorial Day, let’s honor the brave soldiers and their families for their sacrifice and bravery. Enjoy this day and remember their courage!”
  6. “Sending you a special Memorial Day wish, where we remember and honor the heroes who made our country proud. Thank you for being a shining star!”
  7. “Wishing you a Memorial Day filled with gratitude and pride for the heroes who fought for our freedom. You are the future of our nation!”

Remember to explain the significance of Memorial Day to children and the importance of honoring those who served and sacrificed for our country.

Memorial Day for Kids Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Today, we gather here to commemorate a very special day called Memorial Day. It’s a day when we remember and honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and ensure our freedom.

You may wonder why Memorial Day is so important. Well, it’s a day to say thank you to the heroes who fought with great courage and bravery, sometimes giving their own lives, so that we can live in peace and enjoy the liberties we have today.

These heroes, known as soldiers, fought in wars to protect our nation. They left their families, their homes, and everything they loved, just to keep us safe. They faced danger and made incredible sacrifices so that we can have the freedom to pursue our dreams and live our lives the way we want.

On Memorial Day, we pay tribute to these heroes by remembering them and the sacrifices they made. We visit memorials and cemeteries where their bodies are laid to rest. We lay wreaths and flowers to show our respect and gratitude.

But Memorial Day is not just a sad day of remembrance. It’s also a day to celebrate the incredible spirit and strength of our soldiers. It’s a day to celebrate their bravery and honor their legacy. We can do this by living our lives in a way that would make them proud.

So, my fellow friends, let us remember that Memorial Day is a time for reflection, gratitude, and celebration. It’s a day to be thankful for the freedom we enjoy and to remember those who gave everything for it.

As kids, we can also honor our heroes by learning about their stories and sharing them with others. We can write thank-you letters to soldiers currently serving in the military, thanking them for their service. We can also take a moment of silence to remember the fallen heroes and express our gratitude.

Let us not forget that the sacrifices made by our soldiers are not in vain. They have given us the gift of freedom, and it is our responsibility to cherish and protect it. So, let’s be kind to one another, help those in need, and always stand up for what is right.

On this Memorial Day, let’s remember and honor our heroes with pride, gratitude, and a commitment to making our world a better place.

Thank you.

Memorial Day is a day for mourning and showing respect for the war heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. Remember, Memorial Day for kids is also a day for showing respect and mourner not to celebrate, so never wish happy Memorial Day to each other. Parents should let the kids learn about this fact.

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