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Hari Merdeka 2024 Malaysia : Sambutan bunga api Merdeka

Hari Merdeka Malaysia, also known as Hari Kebangsaan is the official Independence Day of Malaysia. in the Malay language, it translates to ‘national day’. This day is celebrated all over the country on the 31st of August every year. This day memorializes the independence from the federation of Malaya, formerly known as British Malaya. On the 11th hour of 30 August 1957, Malayans achieved their independence at the Merdeka Square at Kuala Lumpur; hence the national day is called hari merdeka malaysia.

Hari Merdeka 2024 Malaysia Date

The celebration of the national holiday has changed over time. People now celebrate hari merdeka malaysia in a festive manner which includes parades (both official- by the military and unofficial), fireworks, excitement, and a flag-waving crowd cheering the Merdeka chant.

Tourists and local citizens make this celebration more colorful. The ‘Merdeka parade’ is one of the main tourist attractions in August. Most of the celebrations and large crowd gatherings take place at Kuala Lumpur, although the islands do not lag behind the celebration either. Penang and other island states also honor the day with great levity.

Sambutan Merdeka 2024

This national day marks the significance of the dramatic night the Malaysian people gathered together for their ultimate independence from the British ruling. Prime Minister-designate Tunku Abdul Rahman along with the alliance party led the two-minute darkness protest. Before he joined the process the power was hand over to him by the British authority.

Sambutan Merdeka

The remarkable day began with the switching back the lights on by the crowds gathered at the Merdeka square. The previous British federation flag was lowed with due respect and the previous national anthem “God save the queen”. The new beginning took place when the new national flag of Malaysia was raise with their national anthem “Negaraku”.

Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia

This entire historic event took only one hour span from 30 august midnights to 31st august one in the morning. hari merdeka 2024 malaysia was started by the chants of ‘meradeka’ by the crowd gathered there. It is believed that people chanted seven times to seal their long-awaited independence.

Malaysia Merdeka 2024 Wishes, Messages & Quotes

The president then addressed the crowd with a heartfelt speech. He expressed that this is the “greatest moment in the life of the Malayan people”.

Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia

On the following morning, the official proclamation of independence succeeds in the Merdeka stadium with the presence of  Malay state officials, foreign dignitaries, members of the federal cabinet, and citizens. Tunku Abdul Rahman was handed over the independence by the duke of Gloucester, the British representative of the Queen. The next ceremony was of flag-raising, 21 gun salute by the military, azan, playing of the national anthem, and a special thanksgiving prayer.

Final Words

Let us not get confused! hari merdeka 2024 malaysia and the ‘Malaysia day’ can confuse some people. The main reason behind this is that the name ‘Malaysia’ for the country was not decided until 1963. The Independence Day is celebrated on 31st August but the ‘Malaysia day’ is celebrated on September 16th to recognize the naming of the country. It is also a national holiday.

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