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65th Happy Malaysia Independence Day 2024 | Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia

Happy Independence Day 2024 in Malaysia takes place annually on August 31st. Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia. Merdeka, as the holiday is also called, is celebrated throughout Malaysia. Especially big are the celebrations in Kuala Lumpur , where Independence Day is greeted with great fireworks at midnight and later celebrated with all sorts of parades.

Happy Malaysia Independence Day! 🇲🇾🎉 May this special day bring you joy, unity, and a deep appreciation for the freedom and diversity that make Malaysia truly unique. Merdeka!

Happy Malaysia Independence Day

Selamat Hari Merdeka! 🇲🇾🎉 Semoga hari yang istimewa ini membawa kebahagiaan dan kesatuan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Merdeka!


It means ‘Independence’. That was the cry of the 1st Malaysia Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman 62 years ago on the 31 August 1957.

62 years on, Malaysians all over the world continues to remember and celebrate this proud moment in Malaysia’s history.

To commemorate this occasion, The Consulate of Malaysia Sydney and Ettason Pty Ltd have come together in co-hosting a Malaysia Independence Day celebration event with a Musang King Durian Feast.

Come and join us in the festivities, immerse yourself in the Malaysian culture that is ‘Truly Asia’!

Malaysia Merdeka 2024 Wishes

merdeka malaysia

65th anniversary Merdeka celebrations in 2024

Nothing is as good as being an independent and self-sustaining Nation. So, Malaysia National Day is a very Happy Celebration Day for every Malaysian. So, you must be send a Malaysia Independence Day Messages, Wishes, Greetings & SMS by Social Media with #MalaysiaIndependenceDay Tag

Happy Independence Day Messages

It’s our nation’s Day of Freedom celebration! Need to write a “Happy Independence Day” message to your family and friends, colleagues, clients, bosses, or employees at the workplace and don’t know how best to go about doing it? Go through this article to inspire your note or card’s wording, and remind your loved ones of the reason we celebrate this historic event every year.

Our national heroes who fought and laid down their lives for the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our country as an independent nation deserve to be remembered not only on the fourth of July, but always. Politicians usually use the occasion to renew their vows, promising to preserve the liberties and freedom we enjoy, to work toward improving the welfare of the masses, and to continue building a great nation that we all can rely on and be proud of.

  • “Happy Independence Day, Malaysia! Let’s celebrate the freedom and unity that make our nation strong.”

  • “On this special day, let’s remember the sacrifices of our forefathers and continue to work together for a brighter Malaysia. Merdeka!”
  • “Wishing all Malaysians a joyous Independence Day filled with pride and gratitude for our beloved nation.”
  • “May the Jalur Gemilang always wave high, symbolizing our unity and diversity. Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia!”
  • “Happy Independence Day to a nation that exemplifies harmony in diversity. Let’s cherish our unique cultures and traditions.”
  • “As we celebrate Malaysia’s independence, let’s also celebrate the values of tolerance, inclusivity, and progress that define us.”
  • “Freedom is a gift that binds us together. Happy Merdeka Day to the people of Malaysia!”
  • “Today, we honor the past and embrace the future. Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!”
  • “May the spirit of Merdeka continue to inspire us to strive for greatness. Happy Independence Day to this remarkable nation.”
  • “As the fireworks light up the sky, let’s remember the journey that brought us freedom and the responsibility to protect it. Selamat Hari Merdeka!”
  • “On this historic day, let’s unite as Malaysians and work towards a brighter, more prosperous future for our beloved country. Merdeka!”
  • “Freedom is a treasure that should never be taken for granted. Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!”
  • “Let’s celebrate the beautiful mosaic of cultures and traditions that make Malaysia unique. Happy Merdeka Day!”
  • “Today, we commemorate the birth of our nation. Let’s continue to write a story of unity and progress. Happy Independence Day!”
  • “Selamat Hari Merdeka! May the spirit of freedom and unity always shine bright in our hearts.”

Feel free to share these messages with your friends, family, and fellow Malaysians to celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day in a meaningful way.

Merdeka Celebrations 2024 Short Text SMS

Below, you will find some general phrases in case you want to keep things short and nice. They are good for text messages or SMS.

1. Let’s salute the nation.

2. I pledge that the labor of our past heroes shall not be in vain.

3. Feel proud of being part of a prosperous nation.

4. Happy Independence Day.

5. Nothing is as good as being an independent and self-sustaining nation.

6. Best wishes on Independence Day.

7. Wishing you a happy Independence Day.

8. Happy birthday our dear country.

9. Enjoy the freedom to the fullest.

10. Let’s remember all past heroes who fought for our freedom and unity.

11. Proud to be Nigerians!

12. Proud to be Americans!

13. Proud to be Native Americans!

14. May God continue to uplift the country’s glory!

15. May God bless our country!

16. Pleased to be born in a free country.

17. We have demonstrated to our colonial masters that we are worthy of independence.

18. Today is a very special day for the nation and its people.

19. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.

20. I wish you all a happy Independence Day celebration.

21. Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day!

22. Keep enjoying the freedom offered.

23. I hope this Independence Day brings you happiness and hope.

24. A blessed and glorious free nation.

25. Thank you for bringing the nation where it is today.

26. Happy Fourth of July!

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