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Mexican Independence Day 2024: History and Celebration

September 16, is Mexican Independence Day. The War of Independence was an armed fight and a political method that led to Mexico’s freedom from Spain. It has become now no longer a single, coherent event, but a local and regional struggle that took place over the same period and may be taken into consideration as a modern civil war.

History of Mexican Independence Day

Mexico was a colony strictly that was ruled by the Spanish state for more than 300 years once. Native peoples were tortured, agricultural land and personal property were seized and only Spaniards were allowed to hold political office. Finally, a Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was enough in the town of Dolores.

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated over the past 200-plus years. People arrange many programs like patriotic speeches, flag-waving, parades, live music, and home-cooked feasts to celebrate this day. Red, white and green are the colors of the Mexican flag and they are seen everywhere across Mexico. It is also seen even in the cities of the USA that have huge Mexican populations.

Many outside of Mexico think Mexico Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo are the same things. Indeed, Cinco de Mayo celebrated another victory when the majority Mexican army defeated the powerful French militia during the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

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Mexican Independence Day Timeline

Timeline of Mexican History
Timeline of Mexican History

Some Numbers Related to Mexico

127.6 million – the population of Mexico.
$1.269 trillion is the gross domestic product of Mexico.
50 is the number of local languages spoken in Mexico.
13th is the ranking position of Mexico as the largest country in terms of land.
52 is the international dialing code for Mexico.

How to Observe Mexican Independence Day

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Going to the local Mexican restaurants

You don’t have to be Mexican to observe Mexican Independence Day.

Fly the Mexican flag

You can celebrate Mexico’s independence by displaying the country’s unique green, white, and red flag and there is no matter where you live.

Watch or listen to the live broadcast

Sit in front of your TV or radio when the President of Mexico rings the bell at 11 pm and delivers it in full on 15 September. Then let’s start the party!

10 Interesting Mexico Independence Day Facts

It’s a long fight for freedom; it’s about perseverance and loyalty. Mexicans truly embrace the beauty and cultural ness of their country. And it shines most brightly on Mexico’s Independence Day when the country unites to celebrate victory in the war of independence from Spain.

1. Mexico Was Called New Spain
2. Conspiracies Began In 1809
3. A Priest Led The War
4. It Started With The Cry of Dolores
5. It’s A Two Day Celebration
6. The War Lasted 11 Years
7. There Is An Annual Reenactment
8. Huge Celebrations Happen
9. The National Flag Was Created in 1821
10. Cinco de Mayo Is A Different Thing

Mexican Independence Day observation
Mexican Independence Day observation

Importance of Mexican Independence Day

It celebrates freedom

Mexican Independence Day celebrates freedom like other countries. And we think there is nothing enjoyable and sweeter than independence unless you count Mazapán, a sweet peanut-flavored Mexican candy.

It’s not Cinco de Mayo

We know that Mexico Independence Day honors a brave saint who gave his life to make his country independent. Many outside of Mexico think Mexico Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo are the same things. Indeed, Cinco de Mayo celebrated another victory.


All Independence Days uphold the glorious past of the nations. By celebrating Independence Day people remind their national heroes who brought victory for them and sacrificed their lives. Mexico Independence Day also reminds us of the same thing. So on this day, Mexican people honor their national heroes.

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