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North Macedonia National Day (8 September) 2024 Messages, Wishes

Every year 8th September is celebrated as Independence Day in North Macedonia. In the year 1991, North Macedonia got freedom from Yugoslavia rule on this special date. Therefore, sending North Macedonia Independence Day messages to your family and friends, clients and colleagues, students and acquaintances is the best way to share your love for your country.

We have come up with the finest North Macedonia Independence Day status messages, greetings and quotes in English which you can share with your loved ones on WhatsApp and Facebook.

When is Independence Day in Macedonia?

Sunday, September 8, 2024. The people’s will for an independent state was confirmed with the Declaration of the referendum results on September 18, 1991, by the first multi-party Macedonian Parliament. Finally, on 25 September 1991, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Macedonian Parliament.

Dear citizens of Macedonia, allow me tonight to you and to all citizens of Macedonia to congratulate the free, sovereign and independent Macedonia!

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Macedonian language

North Macedonia official languages Albanian. The two main & official languages of North Macedonia are Macedonian and Albanian. Apart from Macedonian and Albanian, North Macedonia officially recognizes five national minority languages: Turkish, Romani, Serbian, Bosnian, and Aromanian.

North Macedonia Independence Day

Republic of North Macedonia

On Independence Day in Macedonia, the Republic of Eastern Europe celebrates its independence from Yugoslavia on the 8th of September 2024. This day is celebrated since 1991, after which the Referendum for Independence declared Macedonia to be an independent state. Since the end of the Second World War, Macedonia has been a federal state of Yugoslavia, and after 1991 it has become a sovereign parliamentary democracy.

National Independence Day celebrations of Macedonia include concerts, festivals and funfair. In the Greek and Bulgarian part of the geographical Macedonia, Independence Day is not celebrated. People eat traditional Macedonian food and historical plays are performed. They get together and have a good time together. Macedonia is located on the southern Balkan island and the capital is Skopje.

North Macedonia Flag

The North Macedonia flag depicts a stylized yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the center to the edge of the field. It was created by Miroslav Grčev and was adopted on 5 October 1995.

North Macedonia Flag

Happy North Macedonia Independence Day 2024 Messages

Each and every year, when 8th September arrives, it fills our hearts with love for our nation and memories of all those who lost their lives to get freedom for us….. Wishing you a very Happy North Macedonia’s Independence Day.

Lots of people gave their lives, lots of people sacrificed their comforts, lots of women lost their husbands and sons and that is when we got this freedom…. Let us celebrate the Independence Day of North Macedonia with great spirits.

Fortunate are those brave men who got the opportunity to die for their country…. Let us remember them and appreciate their sacrifice they made for their country….. Best wishes on Independence Day of North Macedonia to all.

North Macedonia has been a country who fought for its freedom with high spirits and great sacrifices…. Let us make our country proud by working towards its progress…. Sending my warm wishes on Independence Day to you.

May this day of Independence fill your life with eternal happiness and glory of prosperity…. Wishing you North Macedonia National Day.

I wish you a memorable North Macedonia National Day filled with high spirits and love for nation…. May you have a memorable day of celebrations.

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