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Vietnam Independence Day 2024: Date, History, Activities

Vietnam Independence Day is the national holiday of Vietnam. It was declared in 1945. It’s one of the significant historical events in Vietnam. The day has turned the country into a prosperous one. To any country, Independence Day is an important historical, political or cultural event associated with its current status. In most nations, this holiday originally leads to the birth of the country.

There are a wide range of activities can be found in the Independence Day of Vietnam: fireworks are shot in the sky, marches are organized on streets, and so on. Among residents, many individuals make good use of their day off by taking a shot journey somewhere nearby or by visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum or Ba Dinh Square in order to ponder over the historical event taking place years ago.

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Vietnam Independence Day History

Vietnam is a part of French Indochina. After World War 2, the country was occupied by the Japanese. The war ended on the 2nd September of 1945. Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the establishment of North Vietnam. It grew a difference between USA and Vietnam. From the American version, the declaration of independence drew heavily. In 1976, two-half of the country was united. The 2nd of September is the day known as the Independence Day of Vietnam. The day is the result of a long struggle and violence. People have faced a lot of war.

How to celebrate Vietnam’s Independence Day?

The day is celebrated with fireworks, parades, and festivals. People enjoy fireworks. They attend a large march. The march takes place at Ba Dinh square in Hanoi. It’s the place where the declaration of independence has taken place. It’s one of the patriotic holidays. The national flag of Vietnam is displayed everywhere. A huge number of large posters of Ho Chi Minh are hung on the wall of Vietnam. Employees get an incredible opportunity on this day. If they work on this day, they get up to 400% of the normal wages. If the employees work at night, they will get around 30% more than the normal wages. Independence Day is known in the global history of Vietnam.

Vietnam national flags

Vietnam independence day celebration

It starts with a colorful decoration of the country. People are seen on the street with flags with a golden stars. People display the pride of their nation with pride. There are decorative signs and flowers in the street. People feel a strong patriotism in themselves. Vietnam is known for the sacrifice and efforts of the people. Cultural events take place on the streets. People enjoy the fireworks. Fireworks are displayed to the local people during cultural events. Local people are keen to join in these festivals. People tend to take advantage of this day. They go to beautiful destinations. Some people like to stay at home and join a large crowd. If they don’t have a travel plan, they spend time at home. They make it a relaxing time. They spend time with relatives and friends. You can join in cultural performances, talks, book fairs, and exhibitions. Fireworks decorate the whole sky and it looks spectacular.

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People can have delicious street foods. The decoration on the streets is the favorite activity of the people. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and clubs. A huge number of festivals and feasts take place on this day. People can have a buffet or grilled meats with their family. Even they can attend the big food festival.

Vietnam independence day activities

Vietnam is full of places for travel. It’s full of natural beauty, museums and temples. The country creates a huge crowd in tourist places. People will find actual serenity and beauty to travel in Vietnam.

Every year on the same date, the people of Vietnam celebrate the day as independence day. It’s a meaningful and historical occasion.

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