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How to Delete Your Bumble Account Effectively

If you want to quit using Bumble because you’ve found someone you want to commit to, didn’t like using the service, or for any other reason, you may deactivate your account to have all your data permanently wiped. If you delete your account and then decide not to restore it, you will need to create a new account from scratch.

  1. Tap the Profile icon after launching the Bumble app.
  2. To access the settings on Bumble, use the gear symbol.
  3. At the settings tab’s bottom, click Delete account.
  4. By choosing one of the following choices, you can select a justification for closing your Bumble account:
    • In a Relationship/Found a Billing Issue 
    • Unhappy with the Service 
    • Other
  5. To confirm, tap Delete account.

Your Bumble account will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. You could see different people on the app if you delete your existing account in order to create a new one.

How to Temporarily Disable Your Bumble Account

You can basically take your account offline with Bumble’s temporary disable option, known as sleep mode, without deleting any of your profile or connection data. Your profile is hidden, you don’t show up in any swipe matches, and your existing matches and alerts are informed that you’re taking a break so they know you’re not just ignoring them.
Here’s how to use Snooze on Bumble to take a break without losing any of the data you’ve previously accumulated.

  • Tap the Profile icon after launching the Bumble app. 
  • In order to access your settings, tap the gear symbol. 
  • Select Snooze mode.
  • By choosing one of the following choices, you may select how long your account will be snoozed:
    24 hours 7 days each week Indefinitely
  1. If you set a brief time frame for snooze mode, decide why you’re taking a break and let your contacts know. Among the options are:
    • I’m traveling
    • I’m focused on work
    • I’m on a digital detox
    • I’m prioritizing myself
  2. Select If none of the aforementioned reasons apply to you or you don’t want your connections to be notified, please decline.
  3. You have the choice to return online whenever you choose. Simply hit Disable snooze mode.

Remove the date mode on Bumble
You may disable Date mode so that you can keep using Bizz and BFF if you want to be active on Bumble but aren’t currently trying to date someone.
Tap the logo at the top of the Bizz or BFF page, then scroll through the options until Bumbledate appears. To delete it, simply tap the X in the upper-left corner.
You may always reactivate Date mode from your settings, but all connections you made while in Date mode are gone.




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