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International Day of the Nacho 2024: Date, History, Activities

October 21 is the International Nacho Day. You are granted permission to consume nachos for a full 24 hours while enjoying one of America’s favourite Tex-Mex snacks! Nachos should be consumed in all of their wonderful varieties today, whether they are coated with cheese alone or with a variety of mouthwatering toppings including black beans, olives, guacamole, chilli, and more!

When is International Day of the Nacho?

The International Day of the Nacho is observed on October 21 every year in Mexico and the United States. Although it originated in Mexico, everyone in the world like this common food.

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International Day of the Nacho History

On October 21, the world celebrates the international day of the nacho, which has its roots in Ignacio Anaya, a 1943 employee of the Old Victory Club in Piedras Negras. The Old Victory Club was close to a U.S. military installation. A bunch of American military wives went shopping together one day. When they were finished and hungry, they went to a few restaurants, but they were all already closed. The women made their way to the Old Victory Club, the lone eatery still operating, with growling tummies.

¬†According to the nachos tale, Ignacio Anaya was either a chef or a maitre d’, and since the restaurant rush had ended, there wasn’t much food left to serve the group. Anaya promised to see what he could get and get ready for them because he felt a little sorry for them. Here’s some extra trivia: Ignacio named the dish after himself because “Nacho” is short for Ignacio. Eventually, he introduced a brand-new Mexican hors d’oeuvre called a “nacho special.” Ignacio, according to “Time” magazine, “sliced and cooked some tortilla chips, coated them with shredded cheddar and sliced jalapenos and put the mixture in the oven for a couple of minutes.” The outcome was a new Tex-Mex classic dish that both Americans and Mexicans have loved ever since.

International Day of the Nacho Activities

Join in the enjoyment of International Day of the Nacho by celebrating with a variety of inventive ideas! Start by drawing inspiration from a few of these ideas, then come up with some of your own:

Get some nachos out!

Depending on where you are, nachos are frequently a simple, easily accessible menu dish offered at a wide variety of eateries. Try a quick-service establishment like Baja Fresh or Del Taco. Or go for a full-on plate of nachos at a sit-down restaurant like Chili’s or Applebee’s to enjoy as a major dish for one person or to share as an appetizer.

Organize a nacho party.

Prepare to throw a celebration in honour of the International Day of the Nacho by gathering some friends, family, or neighbours! Nachos are fantastic party food not just because they are simple to prepare and can feed a large group, but also because it is simple to ask everyone to bring a different ingredient!

Have one visitor bring the tortilla chips, another the jalapeno peppers, and yet another the beans. The variety of recipes that can be presented to the dinner party grows as the number of guests increases!

Don’t forget to decorate with different Mexican and Tex-Mex themes, and you can even ask visitors to wear sombreros or serapes to commemorate the occasion. Feel free to serve a Mexican sweet as a dessert, such as a flan, sopapillas, or churros.

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