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International Lefthanders Day 2024: Date, Messages, History, Activities

International Lefthanders Day is celebrated every year to show the individuality and uniqueness of left-handers people. International Lefthanders Day was created to observe and grow self-respected among left-handers in a right-handed world.

This day reminds us to feel the deepest emotion of a subset of humanity comprising seven to ten percent of the world’s population. The day also makes us serious to think about the problems left-handers face, e.g. the importance of special needs for left-handed children.

The History Of Left-Handers Day

Left-Handers Day was first started in the UK in 1992 as International Left-Handers Day. It was established as a day to pay attention to left-handed school children’s needs and give left-handed people a day to take pride in themselves. It’s now celebrated as a holiday or special day in most countries. It’s merely an unofficial holiday in most places.

The ratio of Left-Handed People

12% Of The World’s Population are left-handed who feel alone in the world for their minority. That means 87% are right-handed, which is the reason why almost everything is made from a right-handed person’s perspective. Only about 1% of the people in the world are ambidextrous.

Left-handers are  Better at Multi-Tasking

According to several types of research, left-handed people are very much creative and easily able to perform multiple tasks. Many researchers have found that right-handed people can look very sharply at any individual part of a problem, while left-handed people look at the whole problem, not the individual parts.

Left-Handed People are more Creative

According to two different types of research, one from 1977 and one from 2007, painters and musicians were more likely to be left-handed. These researches also showed that architects were more likely to be left-handed than right-handed.

A Phobia Of Left-Handed People

There is a phobia which is called Sinistrophobia. It is a fear of left-handed people and the left-side of people or objects. The word is made up of two Greek words: Sinistro (meaning left) and Phobia (meaning fear).

Left-Handers Day Activities

Celebrating Left-Handers Day is easy. If you’re left-handed, then take a moment to purchase yourself something that was made specifically for left-handed people. If you’re not left-handed, however, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t observe this holiday. You can always get together a left-handed friend or use the hashtag #LeftHandedDay on social media to spread love to all of the left-handed people on International Left-handers Day.

Left-Handed Celebrities in History

  • 1. Queen Victoria (British famous queen, a left-hander)
  • 2. Neil Armstrong
  • 3. Leonardo da Vinci (Famous left-handed Artist)
  • 4. Napoleon Bonaparte (Great historical figure, was a left-hander)
  • 5. Barack Obama (American President, was also a left-hander)
  • 6. Bill Gates (A famous left-hander Successful Billionaire)
  • 7. Charlie Chaplin (A left-handed comedy actor)
  • 8. Julius Caesar ( Another left-hander historical figure)
  • 9. Mother Teresa ( Left-handed peace laureate)
International Lefthanders Day

International Left-Handers Day Greeting Messages

1. “Take pride in calling yourself a lefthander because you can do things with your left hand which even a dexterous right-hander cannot imagine doing….. Warm wishes on International Left Hander’s Day to you.”

2. ” It is no crime to be born as a left-hander because a person’s skill cannot be judged by what hand he uses but is it judged purely by his talent which doesn’t depend on his hand….. Wishing you a warm International Left Hander’s Day.”

International Left-Handers Day Quotes

1. “Things done with a right hand may not always be right…. So respect left-handers.”

2. “There is either right or wrong but if you are left-handed, it doesn’t make you wrong at all.”

Happy Left-Handers Day Wishes

1. “You are different and that is what makes you so special…. Warm wishes on Left-Handers Day.”

2. “To the most creative, smart, and intelligent left-handers, wishing you a very Happy Left-Handers Day full of celebrations.”


Being left or right-handed is not a major fact to be a successful person in the world. But strategy shows us that left-handers are more intellectual than right-handers. International Lefthanders Day reminds us of the excellence of all left-handers.

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