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International Sudoku Day 2024 History, Celebration

Every year on September 9th, International Sudoku Day celebrates a logical game named Sudoku. The day promotes an interesting number game. It is a logic-based number-placement puzzle-type game. The date  9/9 or (September 9) is selected to celebrate this Sudoku Day has also a symbolic meaning. To win the game you need to fill up a 9×9 grid where you can only use a digit for one time in each row, column, or grid, time and from 1 to 9 digits. So let play this mind game to boost up your logical ability.

Origin of Sudoku

The word Sudoku is a Japanese word. The Japanese characters Su means Number and Doku means Single. But the game is not originated in Japan rather in Switzerland.

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History of International Sudoku Day

“La Siècle”, a French newspaper in 1892 published a number game that was very similar to Sudoku. In 1979 an American architect Howard Garns published a puzzle named “Number Place” in “Dell Magazine” that would become the game we now know as Sudoku. Today his brainchild gets international popularity. In 1997, Hong Kong judge Wayne Gould created a program that could produce unique Sudoku puzzles. He published the game as a daily puzzle feature to newspapers in the U.K., and soon Sudoku became familiar around the world.

Now, Sudoku is available on mobile phones as an app and many printed media publish this game regularly in their papers and magazines. The game is very popular among young learners who love mathematics and puzzle. In 2013, the World Puzzle Federation officially declared September 9 as the International Sudoku Day.

International Sudoku Day Photo
International Sudoku Day Photo

Some Amazing Sudoku Facts

  1. Sudoku became very popular in 2005. People from different countries started to learn and play.
  2. Sudoku was in America under the name “Number Place” (in 1979). Howard Garns created “Number Place”. After the death of Garns, the game reached its world popularity.
  3. Most Sudoku games that are available on the Internet or even published in newspapers are not accurate puzzles. Sometimes the program developers miscalculate the level of difficulty.
  4. Many people have a misconception that they consider it a math game. But, ironically there is no calculating complex and it is purely a logic game.
  5. In Italy, in 2006 the first World Sudoku Championship was held.
  6. It increases sales and keeps the reader audience active in any newspaper. Many newspapers every day publish Sudoku because people like to solve Sudoku on a daily basis, just like crosswords.
  7. According to some studies by playing it regularly you can improve your concentration.
  8. It prevents or reduces depression and even Alzheimer’s disease. It also develops mental abilities and keeps them in a good condition. Though is an extremely addictive game, it has no side effects.

How to Celebrate International Sudoku Day

Sudoku puzzles

There are many ways to observe the day. But it would be reasonable that you solve Sudoku puzzles to sharpen your brain.

Buy some new puzzle books

To celebrate the day you can buy a puzzle book and start to solve all puzzles. It will be a very exciting matter.

Challenge a friend to play head-to-head

It will be more enjoyable if your friend takes the challenge against you of solving the Sudoku puzzle. Who solves the puzzle quickly will win the game.

Why International Sudoku Day become Popular

Puzzles are fun!

Some of us love visual puzzles and some of us love numbers, math, and logic. Sudoku is a puzzle game that mingles both of them.

We love a good challenge

It’s a fun challenge but it can develop our mental ability.

It keeps our minds sharp

Solving Sudoku would be a very good way to keep our minds sharp. Sudoku can increase focus and concentration and save us from depression.


Every game gives us entertainment. But Sudoku is a little different game that not only amuses us but also develops our analyzing power. So, we should promote International Sudoku Day by arranging Sudoku challenges around the world.

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