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National Teddy Bear Day 2024 History, Observance

Every year on September 9 people observe National Teddy Bear Day. The Teddy Bear lovers celebrate this day to appreciate their Teddy Bears for the wonderful moments that they have had with them. Especially the children feel comfortable and all day and night they play with their dear Teddy Bear. Sometimes they attract many adults with their cute appearance.

History of Teddy Bear Day

American President Theodore Roosevelt loved animals very much. In 1902, President refused to fire a child bear while hunting in Mississippi. The incident becomes viral in the whole country. Clifford Berryman, a famous publisher published a cartoon of the event in Washington. These two incidents inspired Morris Michtom, a store owner in New York. He created a new toy and names the new toy “Teddy Bear.” Really, there is great confusion about the first creator of this day. But it is certain that the incident with the president makes the day very popular in the world.

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Observance of National Teddy Bear Day

To celebrate this day people arrange different types of activities. Here am sharing some common ideas for celebrating National Teddy Bear Day.

Giving a Teddy Bear to someone

Many people celebrate this day by giving a Teddy Bear to his or her beloved. Because women love Teddy Bear very much.

Donating Teddy Bears to a local organization for children

This is another popular way of celebrating National Teddy Bear Day. There are many poor families where children are unable to play with any Teddy Bear. So many donators donate Teddy Bears to any local organization for children.

Hosting a Teddy Bear tea party with children

Some parents may arrange tea parties with their children to celebrate the day.

Sharing Post on Social Media in National Teddy Bear Day

On this day people share their memories of Teddy Bears using #NationalTeddyBearDay to post on social media.

Taking Photos

Some Teddy Bear lovers take several photos with their Teddy Bears to save the moments in their memory.

Buying a New Awesome Teddy Bear

Some Teddy Bear lovers follow another amusing way to spend this day is to go out and purchase a new teddy bear.

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Why National Teddy Bear Day Is Very Popular

We know that Teddy Bear is very popular in the whole world. Yes, there are some significant causes that make the teddy bear popular in the world. Here I am mentioning some of them.

Cute Appearance

The major reason people cherish teddy bears is that they can be your softest buddies. Without a doubt, you can hug them for as long as you like and enjoy the nicest ‘cuddly’ feeling ever. Their silky furs and smooth textures instantly make you feel better and cheer you up.

The Best Gifts Ever

Many people consider giving a teddy bear is the best gift.  Normally a teddy bear is given to a female or a boy, particularly when you want to say sorry for any wrongdoing.

Perfect listener

Teddy Bears listen to all worries and concerns of their owner. To share all their sorrows some people make a conversation with their Teddy Bears.

National Teddy Bear Day Photo
National Teddy Bear Day Photo


Teddy Bear is a symbol of love and sympathy. Sometimes people try to relieve their stress by talking with their Teddy bears the silent listeners. Teddy Bear Day is a very significant day for many isolated people who do not find a real and trustful partner in their life. Teddy Bear can help to recover from depression and loneliness.

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