MetroPCS Port Out: Step-to-Step Guide In 2024

If you want to transfer your MetroPCS number to another network, We have provided instructions in this post. You may port out or move your number from one network to another with ease because of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule.

In summary, you must obtain your Metro account information to migrate your number from MetroPCS to another network. Next, get in touch with your new carrier, provide the necessary details, and ask that your number be ported to the network.

Keep in mind that switching phones to transfer your MetroPCS service is not the same as this method.

Keep reading to find out the information about moving your MetroPCS number to a different network. Keep in mind that the procedures outlined in this post apply to any network that you are migrating to.

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Planning To Transfer MetroPCS Port Number To New Network

Before you begin the port out procedure, there are a few things you need to make sure are in place to ensure a smooth transfer process. Below is a summary of the actions that need to be taken:

a.Maintain Service and Phone Number

It is your responsibility to confirm that the number you wish to transfer is still registered in your name. A number that is inactive or has been transferred to another subscriber cannot be port out.

This same holds true for your MetroPCS service. There must be activity on the service. You must take action to restart your service before beginning the port out procedure if MetroPCS suspends or terminates it for any reason.

You can port out a wireless number whether or not the new network has an interconnection agreement with MetroPCS, therefore keep in mind that this does not apply to wireless to wireless port out.

b. MetroPCS Device Unlock

You must ensure that your MetroPCS-locked device is unlocked before using it on the new network. Any device that satisfies the network’s unlocking standards will be unlocked by MetroPCS. View the post on MetroPCS’s policy criteria for unlocking.

Details You Require To Port Out Your MetroPCS Number

MetroPCS will ask for certain details before approving a port-out request. Instead of sending this information straight to MetroPCS, you send it to the new network. Among the details are:

a. Account Number for MetroPCS

The nine-digit code linked to your MetroPCS account is called your account number. See this page for information on how to locate your account number.

b. PIN for MetroPCS Transfer

The account security PIN and the transfer PIN are the same. Your account is further secured with this PIN. If you wish to make significant changes to your account, MetroPCS will ask you for this PIN. This also applies to moving a number to a different network.

Step-by-Step MetroPCS Port-out Guide

Now that you have the following information, it’s time to begin the port-out procedure. The next action to do is to get in touch with the customer service or porting departments of the new network.

Ask to get your number ported into the network. Details from the MetroPCS account, including the account number, transfer PIN, and other personal information, must be sent. Before submitting the information, enter the data and make sure there are no mistakes.

The new network will then get in touch with MetroPCS and ask them to grant your number portability. After verifying the information, MetroPCS will review the information provided by the new network and issue your number.

Your responsibility during the process is to provide the new network with the details of your MetroPCS account. To move your number to their network, the new network will take care of the last few processes.

How long will it take MetroPCS to transfer a number?

Whether a wireline (landline) or cellular number is being transferred will determine the outcome. Porting out a wireless number takes three to forty-eight hours. On the other hand, transferring a landline may need up to seven days.

Is There A Port-Out Number Fee with MetroPCS?

Porting your MetroPCS number to another network is free of charge. You may only pay any additional amounts that accumulate in your MetroPCS account for unpaid bills incurred while utilizing the network.

What To Do Following MetroPCS Number Porting

Once the port-out procedure is finished, the new network will get in touch with MetroPCS to terminate your account and service on the network. However, it is important to get in touch with MetroPCS customer care to be sure your subscription has been terminated.

In particular, if your MetroPCS account has the auto-payment option enabled, this will stop ongoing invoicing.  

In conclusion

It’s not as hard as most people think to transfer a number from MetroPCS. All you need to do is retrieve the necessary port-out information from your MetroPCS account.

Send the information to a new network and make a porting request. The entire process will be finished by the new network on your behalf. 


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