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National Beer Lovers Day 2024: Date, History, Celebrations, Significance

An estimation shows that people in the United States drink 6.8 billion gallons of beer per year. So you can guess how popular the drink is! That’s why the celebration of a day on beer is nothing surprising. All the beer lovers celebrate the day with much excitement. Explore more about National Beer Lover Day and its significance, history, and celebrations.

When is National Beer Lovers Day 

Every year 7 September is celebrated as National Beer Lovers Day. Though for beer lovers, every day is beer day to drink beer.

National Beer Lovers Day History

Beer is one of the most popular drinks after water and tea. You may have misconceptions about beer such as it causes harm to our health. Of course, that’s right. But you can not ignore its beneficial health effects of it. Such as it reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, and heart diseases also. 

Beers are not a new addition to our drinks. It has been a part of our ancient history. Actually, it has a detailed history that most of us don’t know. Previously it was treated as a feminine drink as most of the time females manufactured it to offer to gods. It is assumed that Iran first introduced the first beer from barley in the 4th millennium BC. President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition on April 7, 1933, when he signed a measure allowing Americans to make and sell beer as long as the alcohol content was below 4.0% by volume (ABV). For the first time in thirteen years, beer enthusiasts were pleased to be able to buy beer once more. 

An investigation revealed that this day was established as National Beer Day by Mike Connolly from Liverpool, England, and Justin Smith, a Richmond, Virginia Craft Beer Examiner. The Cullen-Harrison Act went into effect on April 7th, which is when it was officially signed into law. A National Beer Day Facebook page was started in 2009 by Smith and Connolly. 

National Beer Day Celebration 

If you are a beer lover, can’t skip the celebration of the day. If you aren’t, then try out different tastes of beer. Grab the opportunity to taste a new brand or new flavour of the beer. Beer lovers day is the perfect day to have all the beers on your bucket list. Try homebrewing, definitely you will have fun. Call your friends and arrange a beer festival. Cheers your glass with them. Pay your gratitude to the workers who brew delicious beers for you. Go out to different beer manufacturing companies and learn what brewing is doing. Click photos and use the hashtag #NationalBeerLoversDay while you post on social media.

National Beer Day Significance 

National Beer lover day is celebrated almost all over the world. Germany, Japan, China and the United States host beer festivals once a year. The day remarks that beer is the most popular beverage taken all over the world. The day provides mass people to enjoy beers or try out it once. Moreover, learn different brewing methods, beer brands and flavours and the most fascinating fun facts about it. So there is nothing like neglecting the significance of the day.


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