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National Chocolate Day 2024: History, Wishes, Celebration, Facts

National Chocolate Day is celebrated on October 28th every year. Although there are many specific festivals related to chocolate throughout the year, the “National Chocolate Day” celebrates everything related to chocolate. This day celebrates chocolate and promotes its health benefits. Chocolate is a staple food in the American diet, with sales of more than 21 billion U.S. dollars in 2014.

History National Chocolate Day

The history of chocolate can be traced back to 2500 years ago. The Aztecs liked their newly discovered liquid chocolate so much that they believed that the god of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl, generously bestowed them on them. Cocoa seeds serve as a form of currency. This is back to the “bitter” chocolate era-before they added sugar! Once the chocolate was sweetened-in Europe in the 16th century-it became popular among the general public, turning chocolate into a powerful food. Several chocolate companies today began operations in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Cadbury was founded in England in 1868. Twenty-five years later, Milton S. Hershey purchased chocolate processing equipment at the Chicago World Columbian Exposition, and he started producing chocolate-coated caramel. Nestlé’s history can be traced back to the 1860s and has now developed into one of the largest food groups in the world.

Actually chocolate is a fermented food. Once the cocoa pods are removed, the white matter in the fruit is removed and dried, the cocoa beans are fermented. Remove the paper shell to expose the cocoa nibs. The chocolate maker then grinds them into cocoa masses, separates them into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, and mixes them with milk and sugar, or in the case of white chocolate, just mixes chocolate butter with milk and sugar. Today, people start to use dark chocolate because it has much less sugar. Ghana, Ecuador, and Côte d’Ivoire are all close to the equator, where the climate is suitable for the growth of cacao trees and produces some of the best chocolate in the world. It is best to look for dark chocolate from these regions.

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Celebration of National Chocolate Day

Visit your favorite restaurant and indulge in delicious chocolate desserts. Another idea is to arrange a chocolate party. Invite your friends to celebrate the day. Here are some ideas to try and observe the day.

  • Shake it up with chocolate for breakfast
  • Learn how chocolate is made
  • Know where your chocolate comes from
  • Eat more chocolate
  • Try to make your own truffles!
  • Visit a local chocolate maker
  • Share the bar with friends

Some Interesting Facts about National Chocolate Day

Chocolate is a vegetable

Chocolate is a product of cocoa beans, which grow in pod-like fruits on cacao trees. The cacao tree is part of the Malvaceae family, which includes members such as okra and cotton. Therefore, it can be said that chocolate is an indirect vegetable.

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White chocolate is really not chocolate!

One of the main ingredients of any chocolate is cocoa or cocoa beans, while white chocolate is made with cream or other dairy products and sugar and may contain less than 10% chocolate liqueur.

Chocolate is not for pets

Chocolate and cocoa products can be harmful to your pet because they contain a toxic ingredient called theobromine. Although humans can easily metabolize this ingredient, pets need time to process it, which will only increase toxicity.

Chocolate can help prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria that convert sugar into acid grow in your mouth and further erode the surface of your teeth to cause tooth decay. Choose dark chocolate because it contains more cocoa. However, this does not mean that you eat chocolate every day.

Planting cacao trees is not a joke

It takes about a year for a cacao tree to produce enough pods to make about 10 small chocolate bars. 6. Know how many chocolate flavors are there in the world. It is said that chocolate has more than 500 flavors, while wine has only more than 200 flavors.

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National Chocolate Day Picture
National Chocolate Day Picture

Cocoa beans have been used as currency in history

The Aztecs liked and valued cocoa beans so much that they began to use cocoa beans as currency in the civilized era. The Aztecs liked and valued cocoa beans so much that they began to use them as currency

The cocoa tree is immortal, almost

The cacao tree is a tropical beauty and can actually live up to 200 years. However, it is interesting that the beans they produce only have a lifespan of 25 years.

Hot chocolate is the first chocolate snack, not a chocolate bar

Cocoa is brewed in Aztec and Mexico; however, it is not like the hot chocolate we get now. It is mainly a mixture of bitter flavors and is often enjoyed at weddings and other occasions.

Roasted cocoa beans for a reason

Cocoa beans contain pathogens that may be harmful to humans, and raw cocoa beans do not taste like chocolate. Cocoa beans undergo certain chemical processes during roasting, and proper roasting is an indispensable part of making good-flavored chocolate.

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Chocolate milk may be a recovery drink after exercise

According to a report published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Sports Metabolism, chocolate milk can replenish carbohydrates for your muscles.

Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland

Daniel Peter created milk chocolate in 1875. As we all know, it took him eight years to get this formula. Condensed milk eventually becomes a key ingredient.

National Chocolate Day Wishes

Happy National Chocolate Day! May your day be filled with sweetness, indulgence, and plenty of chocolate delights. Enjoy every delicious moment and treat yourself to your favorite chocolate treats. Here’s to savoring the rich and delightful flavors of chocolate on this special day! 🍫🎉 #NationalChocolateDay

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