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National Dance Day 2024: History, Activities, Quotes, Wishes, Status

Dance is a fantastic approach to enhancing one’s emotional and mental wellness. Regular physical activity is a terrific method to reduce tension and stress, build muscle, and generally feel better. Your physical health is interrelated in all ways. You all require that cash because health is prosperity. If you love dancing, here is a day for your celebration. Okay, hold your back! We are talking about National Dance Day. Want to learn more? Then go through the full article.

When is National Dance Day?

National Dance Day is celebrated on September 17! You provide the movement, we’ll supply the music! You are also welcome to bring your own music.

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National Dance Day History

National Dance Day was established to inspire Americans to appreciate the art of movement as a creative outlet for encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Not only is dancing a creative outlet, but it also helps you build strength, balance, flexibility, and muscular tone. National dance enthusiasts, including politicians and dancing pros, formally established it in 2010. The day was celebrated in July up until 2019, however, in 2020, it will be marked on the third Saturday in September for the second time.

Nigel Lythgoe, co-creator of “So You Think You Can Dance,” and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton founded the American Dance Movement and started this holiday 10 years ago. Rep. Norton suggested the National Dance.

A crucial partnership with the American Heart Association allowed for the relocation of this exciting day of movement from July to September. For its kids’ health program, the Kids’ Heart Challenge, the Association contacted the National Dance Day team in search of fresh dance material and video content. The date for National Dance Day was changed from the summer to early fall during the academic year in 2019, given in part due to the partnership’s connection to schools.

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National Dance Day Activities

Wake up and start dancing! Move to the music and embrace the joy of dancing in all its forms to mark National Dance Day. Consider using some of these suggestions to honour the day:

Choose your style and just start dancing! It might only be a quick boogie in the living room, or it might involve dressing up to go ballroom dancing. Or go freestyle at a nearby dancing club! Cha-cha, salsa, ballet, and even breakdancing are all enjoyable exercises that keep the body (and spirit!) moving in the right direction.

Maybe National Dance Day needs a little motivation to start moving, and a wonderful way to accomplish that is to watch a movie about dancing! The movie is an excellent method to start dancing even if it doesn’t have much of a narrative. You should not worry if you are not confident in your dance abilities. A dance teacher’s job is to do just that. Go to your neighbourhood YMCA, dance studio, or gym and enrol in a dancing class with a partner. Try hip-hop, contemporary, tap, jazz, and more!

Unsure of the first dance to try to learn? To learn more about your alternatives, start by reading a little in the library before doing some research online.

National Dance Day Quotes

National Dance Day Quotes

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” -Michael Jackson

“I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of man – the landscape of his soul. I hope that every dance I do reveals something of myself or some wonderful thing a human can be.” -Martha Graham

 “Life is sweet when you pay attention. When it doesn’t seem sweet, put a sticker on your nose and do a funky dance.” -Whitney Scott

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” -Voltaire

 “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” -Kahlil Gibran

 “If a man doesn’t know how to dance he doesn’t know how to make love, there I said it!” -Craig Ferguson

National Dance Day Wishes

National Dance Day Wishes

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. – Happy National Dance Day!

Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free. – Happy National Dance Day!

On the occasion of International Dance Day, my wish for you is that you always dance to the tunes you love and live life on your own terms.

There are only two kinds of people in this world- those who can dance and those who cannot…. Happy National Dance Day to all of you.

Dance is like breathing, it is like catharsis… Enjoy it to the fullest and let your feelings flow… We wish you a happy move on National Dance Day!

National Dance Day Status

National Dance Day Status for Instagram

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.

Dance first. Think later.

When in doubt, turn the music up!

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, “I’m possible.”

Dance accepts me.

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.

Dance is music made visible.

I dance because there’s no greater feeling in the world than moving a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear.

And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you too.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Dance, dance wherever you may be.

National Dance Day Status for Facebook

If you stumble, make it part of the dance.

Dancing with the feet is one thing. Dancing with the heart is another.

Great dancers are great because of their passion.

Just because you can’t dance, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance.

Learn from yesterday. Live for today. I hope for tomorrow.

You can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed.

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.

You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.

In life as in dance: Grace glides on blistered feet.

It never gets easier. It just gets better.

Dancers don’t need wings to fly.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.
Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Turn your cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.

No one is born a dancer.

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