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National Drink Beer Day 2024: History,Activities

Beer fans may sip on a beverage virtually any day of the year, but this particular day is unquestionably unique. It’s National Drink Beer Day, a wonderful occasion whose name makes the day’s primary activity very plain. What could be more ideal?
Since the majority of people love drinking beer—many of them are fervent enthusiasts—there isn’t a scarcity of beer-related holidays on the calendar, to be honest. This wonderful beverage is worthy of celebration all throughout the year, whether it is on German Beer Day, IPA Day, Stout Day, Oktoberfest, or Homebrewing Day.
However, this day gives the most straightforward advice when it comes to this well-known beverage: Drink Beer.

It’s time to toast National Drink Beer Day with a drink of your favorite ale or lager!

When is National Drink Beer Day

Every September 28th, National Drink Beer Day honors that malty nectar. The day serves as a reminder to consume the most popular adult beverage in the world as Oktoberfest season draws to a close.

National Drink Beer Day History

Beer has been manufactured since the Neolithic Era, and some breweries date as far back as 1040, making it unquestionably one of the oldest beverages ever created by humans. In fact, some historians believe that beer originated as far back as 5000 BC, in regions like Iran, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.
The rumored oldest recipe ever recorded in human history is the recipe for beer, which many people are unaware of. Without the use of the internet or even cookbooks, these instructions for the brewing procedure were written on papyrus scrolls and contained ingredients like pomegranates, dates, and other plants.

Undoubtedly, the beer was very different from what breweries produce now. However, it comes as no surprise that drinking beer has become such a well-liked and enjoyable pastime.
Beer evolved in forms that utilized the abundant availability of grains, such as barley, as it traveled from the Middle East through the Mediterranean and into Europe. The contemporary beers that people conceive of today were ultimately created in the Middle Ages utilizing the malting technique. Around the time hops were introduced to the process, the forerunners of modern beer started to take on more recognized characteristics.

On September 24, which also happens to be Arthur Guinness’s approximate birthday, the renowned Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, celebrates National Drink Beer Day. (However, his precise birth date is unknown.) In remembrance of this guy who contributed so significantly to the history of beer, today seems like the ideal occasion to raise a glass and have a beer. People still savor his rich, black stout more than 200 years later!

National Drink Beer Day Activities

This fun yearly event is celebrated in a wide range of nations, and participating in it couldn’t be simpler. Use these enjoyable suggestions to mark National Drink Beer Day, or get inventive and think of some more interesting things to do. the sole consideration for today? It is necessary to consume beer!

Try a Different Kind of Beer

National Drink Beer Day provides all beer enthusiasts with a fantastic opportunity to try both domestically and internationally made-ales and lagers, with hundreds of new and old types available.

Although any beer will suffice on this day, it could be interesting to add some novelty by trying something out of the ordinary.

Come together for National Beer Day!

Simply collect some pals, head to the nearby grocery shop or liquor store, and pop open a drink for an action-packed day. Don’t worry if your pals are otherwise engaged. Beer drinking is a pastime that may be equally readily shared with strangers, some of whom may wind up becoming friends.
Simply go to a bar or pub in the area and ask the bartender or waitress to get you a beer. On this special night, pick up a dart or play a game of pool to meet some new people.

Visit a festival or event celebrating National Drink Beer Day.

Participate in local beer-tasting activities or beer festivals to celebrate. The end-of-summer and back-to-school festivals and events that are held in cities and towns all around the world are best in September. Find out what’s happening in the neighborhood by doing a fast search online or in the local newspaper, then join in!

Watch a few TV programs and movies with a beer theme.

Anyone will be in the mood to celebrate National Drink Beer Day after watching these charming (and occasionally silly) films and television shows:

  • Cheers. This series, which aired on US television in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, was largely based on events that occurred in a pub where patrons primarily drank beer. This play promotes traveling to a destination “where everybody knows your name” and stars Ted Danson, Rhea Pearlman, and George Wendt, among a large number of other actors. This show is now in syndication and is frequently accessible online via services like Hulu or Amazon.
  • Drinking Buddies (2013). Among the film’s talented cast are Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde, who play coworkers at a Chicago-based artisan brewery. Between the coworkers and their group of drinking buddies, the story examines the highs and lows of their sexual and platonic relationships (including a character played by Anna Kendrick).

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