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National Fried Chicken Day 2024 – Date, History, Facts, Quotes

National Fried Chicken Day 2024 – On 6 July 2024, National Fried Chicken Day is observed to enjoy the most popular crispy and juicy fried chicken. Get the information about the history of National Fried Chicken Day, facts, quotes & how to celebrate the National Fried Chicken Day 2024 from this article.

National Fried Chicken Day 2024 Date

National Fried Chicken Day is celebrated on July 6 of every year. National Fried Chicken Day 2024 is a tribute to all the chicken lovers who can have a feast of different varieties of fried chicken on this day. People all around the world have a perfect excuse on this National Fried Chicken Day to enjoy as much as fried chicken they want with their friends and families.

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National Fried Chicken Day Date

Fried chicken, otherwise known as fried chicken in the South, is a dish that features various pieces of chicken that have been coated in a seasoned batter or flour. Then, they are either fried on pressure, deep-fried, or pan-fried. The breading adds a crisp coating to the chicken’s exterior and retains the juices inside. The chicken is traditionally fried in lard. Most commonly, corn oil, canola oil, peanut oil, or palm oil are used.

History of National Fried Chicken Day

The founder and the history of the National Fried Chicken Day is unknown. Many people are shocked to know that this is a kind of food that can be dated as far back as the Roman Period. This is because there was a deep-fried chicken recipe, which was a 4th-century Roman cookbook, Apicius. The dish was called Pullum Frontonianum. The term ‘fried chicken’ is first recorded in the 1830s, and often appears in American cookbooks of the 1860s and 1870s. This dish in the southern states of the United States can be traced back to precedents in West African and Scottish cuisine.

National Fried Chicken Day Poster

Scottish immigrants to the south of the United States brought their tradition of deep-frying chicken in fat. The fried chicken quickly became a favorite after its introduction into South American. Scottish immigrants have a history of frying the unseasoned chicken in animal fat. West African slaves had a tradition of frying seasoned chicken but animal fat was not used. They used palm oil, instead. Cooks added seasonings and spices over time, to enhance the chicken’s flavor.

How to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day?

Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day by having a favourite fried chicken in the nearby restaurant. Some other ideas to enjoy this day are

  • Try out the fried chicken recipe with side dishes at home and enjoy with families
  • Have a feast of fried chickens with friends at home or at restaurants
  • Participate in the events or contest conducted by any fried chicken restaurant
  • Use #NationalFriedChickenDay on social media and share the celebration of Fried Chicken Day

Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken Recipe

Cooking the perfect fried chicken and getting good crisp is not easy for everyone.

Key Ingredients: Chicken, Oil, Ginger paste, Garlic paste, Salt, Chilli powder, Vinegar, Gram flour, Cumin seeds, Cloves (powdered), Fenugreek seeds (powdered), Peppercorns (powdered), Black cardamoms (powdered), Cumin seeds (powdered), Mustard oil, Lemon twists and coriander


Here, some of the steps for the juicy fried chicken recipe:

  • Add the starch to the flour or seasoned batter and marinate the chicken for few hours
  • Heat up the oil and fry the marinated chicken pieces in it
  • Deep fry the chicken pieces for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Then allow the fried chicken to rest and then serve with mashed potatoes or french fries or sauces

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 Fried Chicken – Facts

  • In Babylonian carvings chicken was depicted as a meat from about 600 BC
  • The chicken is the world’s most popular type of poultry
  • There are more chickens on earth than humans
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken served the largest serving of fried chicken in celebration of the restaurant’s 70th anniversary
  • In 2012 more than 1.25 billion chicken wing portions were eaten on the Super Bowl weekend, according to the National Chicken Council
  • In the movie ‘The French Connection’ Popeyes Chicken is named after the character Popeye Doyle
  • In 1954 the Rhode Island Red was declared the Rhode Island Official Bird.
  • The fear of chickens is alektorophobia
  • Fried chicken may be closest to America, but there are variations around the world
  • Fried chicken in the Nashville style, renowned for being spicy, has certainly got a moment right now, with even KFC jumping on the bandwagon
  • According to The Food Lab, brining the chicken in a spicy and salted buttermilk mixture will tenderize the chicken and keep it moist, according to The Food Lab
  • Every year the average American eats more than 80 pounds of chicken
  • The fried chicken versions are more than half of the entrees ordered in fast food chains, hotels, motels, and restaurants
  • Fried chicken has about 900 calories per serving which include about 50 grams of fat, 200 milligrams of cholesterol, carbohydrates, oils, and proteins

National Fried Chicken Day Quotes

National Fried Chicken Day Quotes

“The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.” – Maya Angelou

“I think no matter what the occasion may be, you can never go wrong by showing up at the dinner table with a hot plate of fried chicken.” – Paula Deen

“Roasted chicken, boiled chicken, smoked chicken, fried chicken, I love them all!” – Onew

“You don’t want to make a steady diet of just lettuce. You don’t want to make a steady diet of fried chicken.” – Paula Deen

“Fried chicken just tend to make you feel better about life.” – Minnie Jackson

“You don’t know what the pattern of flour and chicken is going to be, but you know you’re going to get some good fried chicken.” – Ben Affleck

National Fried Chicken Day 2024 – FAQs

1. What type of flour is best for fried chicken?

Cornstarch is used in recipes made for Asian fried chicken. The combination of cornstarch with flour gives the crispest product. One can substitute all the flour with cornstarch, or instead of conventional all-purpose flour, one can start using a similar non-gluten based flour or flour mix.

2. What is the secret to good fried chicken?

The key to succulent fried chicken begins with a marinade or brine which keeps the chicken juicy at its peak. The traditionalists of fried chicken typically prefer a buttermilk marinade while others swear by a brine, a combination of sugar, salt, and occasionally spices mixed into water.

3. Where did fried chicken originate?

It was the Scottish, in fact, who were the first to deep-fry chicken in fat, and they brought the dish with them to America.

4. Why is fried chicken so popular?

Fried chicken, well seasoned and prepared, is an incredibly satisfying dish. The contrast between browned crust and tender, succulent meat is delightful, and contrary to many other cooked meat dishes, fried chicken can be served cold and is still quite satisfying in its own right.

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