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National Notary Public Day- Date, History, Observance

National Notary Public Day

Have you ever performed any agreements formally? Did you have a legal witness? Well, a legal witness can make your agreements more valid and less weak and a notary can help you to do so. A notary is an official who has the right to record legal copies of your agreements. A notary gives you a certificate as the evidence and witness of your agreements. They also perform various types of tasks.

To remark the contribution of the notaries a day has been decided to observe recognizing their works and efforts. The 7th of November is observed as the National Notary Public Day. It is observed annually recognizing the contribution of the notaries.

National Notary Public Day-Date

National Notary Public Day is observed on the 7th of November every year across the U.S.A. This day was first declared by America’s  Society of Notaries in 1974.


The first Notary Public Day was observed in 1975 just a year after the day was declared in 1974. The date November 7 indicates the appointment of Thomas Fugill. He first recognized himself with the title Notary. he was the first Notary officially appointed in 1639, November 7.

The history of the notary public started long before. evidence of notary has been found in the ancient Roman and Egyptian civilizations. In ancient roman civilization, public officials used to work to record agreements and wills. In the ancient era, people were hardly educated. Very few people were literate. Then public officials were appointed to ease the documentation works and make the trading easier. people used to trust them as a neutral third party to carry out the witness of their trade agreements and other activities.

During the middle age in the West, when churches got powerful they took charge of the administrative and social affairs. Then popes used to appoint people to execute the notary works. They were very educated and were assigned to do officials, transactional, commerce-related agreements. Even they used to notary any state-related decree or proclamation.

During the rise of the colonization era, the Notary issues became very important. It stood as indispensable for a smooth transaction or trade and commerce. Then, only respected and educated people were assigned as the notaries, as they had to act as the symbol of trust. They were highly respected during those times. During the expansion of the colonial regime, the notary became an inevitable fact.

With time the concept and necessity of notary issues kept developing. The smooth execution of legal works and avoiding anarchy and conflicts among two parties’ notaries play a vital role. they are appointed by the government as public servants.

At present, there are more than 4.5 million notaries across the country as public servants. Among them a huge number of notaries are women.

What Do Notaries Do?

As we mentioned earlier notaries are public servants. They ease our many issues which we don’t even realize. The notaries keep legal records and evidence of an agreement regarding anything. if anything negative such as fraudulence or conflicts among the signers,  Notaries help solve the issues using their legal power and documentations. They ensure that the parties related signing the agreements of their free will, none of them are forced and both agreed to the terms and conditions, mentioned in the stamps or agreements. They carry out a vital role. They are symbols of integrity and honesty. The main responsibilities of notaries include,

  • they have to identify the fraud if there any.
  • He has to affirm that both the parties are here to sign the agreements with clear intentions and integrity.
  • they have to keep the record of identification of the parties that take part in the agreement process.
  • they certify the documents legally used in the completion of agreements.
  • work as a witness of the agreements.
  • they keep and maintain journals of their works.
  • they often carry out the process of taking oaths.

Observing the Day

The main focus of observing the day is to give recognition to the work and contribution of the notaries. We can observe the day by thanking them for their contribution which made our life easier.

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