Presidents’ day 2024: quotes, History and Date

Presidents’ day is a federal holiday in the United States that celebrates the life of George Washington, who was the first president of the USA. It is also a day to celebrate all of America’s presidents. Generally, Presidents’ day is celebrated on the third Monday of February every year.

This year, Presidents’ day falls on February 21st. There are many Presidents’ day quotes that can find on the internet. Keep reading to explore some of these quotes and learn more about Presidents’ day!

Is Presidents’ day a Holiday

People celebrate Presidents’ day on the third Monday in February, they honour Presidents throughout the week. This holiday is recognized as a federal holiday because it’s “Washington’s birthday” & known as “President’s Day”. The president or Congress never thought or decided whether Washington’s birthday would be celebrated as President’s Day.  

Moreover, each state decides its legal holiday as the US Congress does not establish a national holiday in each & every state. For this reason, there are inconsistencies in some calendars on holidays. You can check the National Archives for more information. Presidents’ day is a celebration of Presidents who have done well for this country.

Presidents’ day history

This holiday Day celebration began as early as 1885, when New York City’s Trinity Church held a Presidents’ Day service on February 19th (Washington’s actual birthday). Although Washington was born on February 11th, Presidents’ Day was moved to February 21st.

In 1887, a bill officially declaring Washington’s birthday as a federal holiday was introduced into Congress, but it failed by one vote. In 1879, a similar bill had also failed by just three votes. People have been celebrating this day since 1971 when Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Presidents’ day Date

On Presidents’ day, America celebrates its Presidents, Presidents who have served the country, Presidents who died before Presidents’ day, Presidents of other countries.

Year Presidents’ day
2024 February 19
2023 February 20
2022 February 21

Presidents’ day quotes, messages & wishes

People take Presidents’ day as an opportunity to do something special for their Presidents in their lives. Celebrating Presidents’ day is not only about remembering past Presidents, but there are many presidents here in whose life Presidents’ day is a special day for Presidents. 

Presidents’ day quotes are about Presidents who have served and Presidents of other countries, Presidents who have become Presidents’ day quotes.

  • Theodore Roosevelt: “To dare strong things, to achieve glorious victories, despite being checked by failure, to take a position with those poor souls who do not enjoy much and do not suffer too much, because they live in grey twilight who do not know victory or defeat.”
  • Abraham Lincoln: ‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.’
  • John F. Kennedy: ”Let’s not look for the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let’s not try to blame the past. Let us accept our responsibility for the future.’
  • Barack Obama: ‘I can’t do this job if I don’t have you. Help us complete what we started and make this country work for all of us, not just a few.’
  • Happy President’s Day!
  • George Washington: ‘Let me asked, Where is the security for property,

We all have Presidents that we admire and want to emulate, but not everyone can be an exemplary President. We celebrate Presidents who led us through wars, financial calamities, and the good times too. 


Presidents’ day is a time to show respect to those who worked hard and gave their lives for this country. In honour of all the past and present Presidents, we’ve collected some of their best quotes and wishes.

We are wishing you a great President’s Day!

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