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Real History of Thanksgiving Day in USA

Today, pretty much everyone knows about thanksgiving but how many of us know the history of thanksgiving? Let us enlighten you with the real history of thanksgiving and its traditions since it has begun.

As we are familiar with Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday, it is considered to be celebrated first back in 1621 by English colonists. It has become one of the symbols of American tradition. Keep reading to know about the history of thanksgiving in a nutshell.

Real History of Thanksgiving

In 1620, a group of pilgrims started their journey to find a new place where they could live and practice their religion peacefully. The journey was so stressful and full of trouble. After long 100 days, they reached the Massachusetts Bay and started to set up their new establishment.

Soon they were attacked by the winter and many of them caught various diseases and difficulties. Many of them were not alive to see the next spring. However, a few days later, the rest of the pilgrims met with a native American, Squanto who taught them cultivation, fishing, and some other basic life skills.

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They also made an alliance with local tribes called Wampanoag which helped them to settle there for a long time. Whatever, in November 1621, their first crop was harvested and they have arranged a feast to celebrate the harvest. This is known as the origin of modern thanksgiving.

History of Thanksgiving

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Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Most of us don’t care about the reason for thanksgiving or why it is celebrated. Not only the pilgrims but also the native tribes attended the feast which was organized by the governor. This is seen as the respect and friendship between the colonists and natives.

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Thanksgiving in the USA

As it is a national holiday in the US, people celebrate this day to gather with their friends and families and arrange thanksgiving dinner which is the most traditional celebration. This dinner includes roasted turkey which the main attraction of this feast.

People also have stuffed bread, potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie as dessert. This Thanksgiving dinner has become so popular worldwide that people across the world arrange similar feasts on this day.

This is also the chance for the Americans to share their holiday with their loved ones. Even on this day roads become busier as people move along with their friends and families.

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As the history of thanksgiving is not so important to share your feeling. Wishing you a blast on this Thanksgiving Day.

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