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Thanksgiving day let us think of Turkey, the food, and our family. But these funny thanksgiving memes are here to let you remember what makes the thanksgiving holidays more fun and enjoyable.

Scroll down and check out what funny thanksgiving memes say and let you share them with the people around you!

Real History of Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Funny Memes

👉 The quickest way to start a fight on Thanksgiving.

👉 Save a Turkey, eat meatloaf.

Thanksgiving Memes

👉 Ok, I am drunk. You can cram stuff up my ass and throw me in the oven now!

Thanksgiving Memes drunk

👉 We wish you a marry Chris…..(slap) its November!!!

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Thanksgiving Memes merry

Analyze these funny Thanksgiving memes as your mental juice till you eat your happy Thanksgiving dinner in November 2024. Not satisfied with that resemblance? Okay fine, the 58 funny thanksgiving memes are like pumpkin pie for your genitals. Happy now?

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👉 Is that your pop-up timer or are you just glad to see me?


👉 Hope you do not mind that the side dish I am bringing to Thanksgiving is several bottles of wine that I am not sharing with anyone else.

Thanksgiving meme

👉 If you haven’t been invited to an awful family Thanksgiving get together of your own you can come to mine.

Thanksgiving meme

👉 Something’s up….the farmer just unfriended me on Facebook!

Funny Thanksgiving facebook

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👉 I was told there would be food!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Meme

👉 When you are broke, but you are hosting Thanksgiving this year.

Funny Happy Thanksgiving Meme

👉 Bring me…..Han Solo

Bring me Han Solo

👉Oh my God! I am delicious!

👉 Fried Turkey, just five more minutes it’s gonna be sooo tender!

Fried Turkey
👉 I am gonna make Thanksgiving great again!
👉 That look, when you get on the scale, after eating Thanksgiving dinner.

👉 Don’t forget to set your scales back ten pounds this week.

👉 Joey, those are my maternity pants. (Joey) Now they’re Joey’s Thanksgiving pants.

👉 Gene was beginning to regret his neck tattoo!

👉 Let’s all just be thankful, enjoy the delicious Turkey, and try to ignore the candlelight vigil.

👉 May your Turkey be moist and may no one use that word to describe it.

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2024

👉 (Mom) Because you know I’m all about that baste, ’bout that baste -‘…..(Daughter) No more wine, mom!!!

👉 This is me, thinking about Thanksgiving!!!

👉 How I feel, after Thanksgiving!

👉 U only like me, for my breasts!

👉 Skinny Turkey Tee’s $10!!

👉 Hey girl! relax, I’ll wash the Thanksgiving dishes.

👉 Thanksgiving got me like….Barbie to Carbie!!!

👉 Picket up the Turkey for…Thanksgiving!

👉 Happy Thanksgiving….F**K you!

👉 They do what?? Then stuff what into where???….OH HELL NO…..I AM OUT!!!!

Inspirational Thanksgiving Day Quotes

Funny Memes Thanksgiving Memes

👉 He tripped over me in the woods, his gun went off, and hey…best Thanksgiving ever!

👉 Happy Thanksgiving! Now don’t get hurt carrying that honey! Anyone wanna trade food?

👉 I came in….Like a butterball!!!

👉 Told dinner will be at 6 PM….(but guests) arrives at 10:30AM

👉 Not sure if I’m thankful for family….Or…thankful for all the food they brought over!!!

👉 Your attitude!….(while) driving to the in-laws for Thanksgiving!!

👉 Doesn’t come to the office all week….shows up Wednesday before Thanksgiving to make sure no one leaves early!

👉 A day shall come when I eat something healthy and reasonably proportioned!….But it is not THIS DAY! (Thanksgiving day)

👉 Prepare yourself…..The Happy Thanksgiving Status updates are coming!

👉 Ate too much on Thanksgiving….Worth it!!!

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2024 in USA & Canada

Funny Memes For Thanksgiving

👉 The thing I’m most thankful for right now is elastic waistbands! -Unknown Author

👉 Thanksgiving, bringing out the best in family (dysfunction) since 1863!

👉 Don’t blame the Thanksgiving holidays, you were fat in August (as well)!

👉 Happy Thanksgiving day to someone checking their phone in the bathroom to escape their family.

👉 Let’s eat enough this Thanksgiving to crash our calorie counting apps!

👉 (making such a face) When you hear the food ready!

Funny Turkey Memes

👉 A Happy Thanksgiving Poem: May your stuffing be tasty…May your turkey plump…May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump…May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize…and may your Happy Thanksgiving Dinner stay off your thighs! (To the Turkey)

👉 Can’t wait to make a huge Happy Thanksgiving Dinner so my child can eat ‘ONE’ roll.

👉 When you accidentally get drunk at your in-law’s Thanksgiving and you have to lay low!

👉 The day after Thanksgiving…(You are just not dead, but almost there)

Funny Native American Thanksgiving Memes

👉 When your whole family is roasting you and you have to pretend to think it’s funny!

👉 Today is a good day……For Pie!!!!

👉 Mom: Come downstairs and say hello to your relatives!!! Me: (annoyed like hell)

👉 When you at Happy Thanksgiving Dinner and someone asks you why you still single!

👉 Thanksgiving day: (when) The food is ready!

👉 Thanksgiving holidays with the family: Day1 – Day3

Thanksgiving Turkey Funny Meme

👉 Turkey1: What are you thankful for?…Turkey2: Vegetarians!

Funny Black Thanksgiving Memes

👉 When you come late on purpose and the food still not ready…How!!!

You may find some of these funny thanksgiving memes as not much hilarious as you were expecting, but they are mostly so entertaining, and you’ll love to share them with the people around you!

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