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Respect for the Aged Day 2024: Date, History, Message, Activities

Our elders are our connection to the past. There is a Japanese holiday named Respect for the Aged Day. It is celebrated on the third Monday in September every year and this year it is on September 20. This is a national holiday in Japan, and people celebrate by spending time with older relatives and friends. The day is created to show respect to the old citizens of the country.

History of Respect for the Aged Day

The story of this holiday began after the Second World War. At that time, a small town in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, called Nomatanimura (now renamed Yachiyocho), designated September 15 as ” Old Folks’ Day ” or “Toshiyori no Hi “. The town’s mayor Masao Kadowaki thought that after experiencing the chaos and suffering of the war, people should look after and take care of their elders.

The reasons for choosing this particular date vary; some legends say that Yoro Falls in Japan miraculously cured a young man’s father during this period, while others say that this date was chosen because of a man named Prince Shotoku The legendary regent established a home for the old

Over the years, this local celebration has become popular in Japan, changed its name to Keiro no Hi, and reached its peak twenty years later, when it was designated as a national holiday. However, when Japan introduced a system called the Happy Monday system, the actual date to commemorate the aged changed. Currently, this holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of September every year.

Respect for the Aged Day Timeline

Respect for the Aged Day Timeline
Respect for the Aged Day Timeline

Observance of Respect for the Aged Day

Use their experience wisely

Cherish the experience and guidance that older people can bring to your life. Our elders have a wealth of knowledge and they are very willing to share. Use this experience as a tool to measure your behavior; understand their traditions, learn from their mistakes, and let them become your bridge to the past.

It’s very nice to the Aged on this day

We always recommend one or two good things, especially when it comes to the elderly in our society, but pay special attention to this part of the population on this day. Do your best to extend a helping hand, even if it will cause you inconvenience.

Contact with special events

This holiday is the best time to gather with relatives and elderly friends. Organize interesting competitions and virtual events, send them snacks, and hold special Japanese-themed dramas online.

Importance of Respect for the Aged Day

We benefit from their knowledge

We learn and understand ourselves from the older generation. Their actions paved the way for us. Even simple conversations with the previous generation can give us an in-depth understanding of our heritage, with first-hand information. Traditions such as these allow us to use the behavior of the older generation, their mistakes, and their experience to create a better future.

It makes them feel important

This day is a very welcome reminder to contact the older generation in any way possible to let them know that they are valued and paid attention to.

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Understand How Our Past Affects Our Future

Our history is kept in the minds of our elders. As a new generation, we always learn from our old citizens. We can use this opportunity to understand how our past affects our future and let this teach us our responsibility to future generations.


The old man has a lifetime experience. Older people may feel lonely, no matter if they retire, no longer have work and social arrangements, or lose their spouse and friends. The elderly can make a lot of contributions to society through their life experiences, so it is worthwhile to seek advice from the elderly. You should show respect to your elders through actions, tell them how much you appreciate and respect them.

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