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On the football field, Bangladesh is more radiant. Have you lately viewed the updates? Let’s learn more about the football players that are rising in Bangladesh. The country’s sport may have a bright future if young athletes succeed in both domestic and international events. One of Bangladesh’s football’s most promising possibilities is Shekh Morsalin, a player from that nation. His outstanding efforts at the SAFF Championship 2024 thrust him into the spotlight. Get further information about Shekh Morsalin age, wife, height, net worth, biography, wiki, and stats. Learn about Danny McCray Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts.

Shekh Morsalin Biography

Shekh Morsalin was born in Charbhadrasan, Faridpur, Bangladesh, on November 25, 2005. He is quickly being recognized as one of the most talented football players in the nation. His rise from the local fields to the national arena has been marked by adaptability, talent, and an uncanny ability to find the back of the goal.

Morsalin, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, has the dexterity and grace needed for his primary role as an attacking midfielder. His versatility, though, is what makes him unique. His ability to play as a false 9, second striker, winger, and even central midfielder is impressive, as he moves between positions with ease. Because of his adaptability, he is a great asset to his club and the Bangladesh National Team.


Full Name Shekh Morsalin
Date of Birth 25 November 2005
Place of Birth Charbhadrasan, Faridpur, Bangladesh
Profession Footballer
Nationality Bangladeshi
Current Residence Dhaka & Faridpur
Home Town Faridpur

Morsalin Age

Morsalin is still in his teenage years. The football player’s birthday is November 25, 2005. As of November, he turned eighteen and is celebrating his nineteenth birthday.

Shekh Morsalin Height

For a football player, Morsalin’s height is ordinary. He stands at a height of 1.75 meters, or 5 feet 9 inches.

Shekh Morsalin Club

Throughout his club career, Morsalin has shown variety and noteworthy performances. He made his debut in 2021 with Alamgir Somaj Kollayan, where he played in 16 games and scored a noteworthy 19 goals. His abilities were recognized, and in 2024 he went on loan to Dhaka Mohammedan SC, where he scored two goals and played a key part in seven games.

In 2021, Morsalin made a big move by joining the Bangladesh Premier League’s dominant Bashundhara Kings. After making his Kings debut on December 5, 2024, he went on to have an effect, showing off his flexibility and adding to the score.


Year or Season Club
2021 Alamgir Somaj Kollayan
2022 Mohammedan SC Dhaka (Loan)
2021-Present Bashundhara Kings

Shekh Morsalin Position

Morsalin is a flexible player. Because he can play several positions, he is quite desirable. His primary role is that of an attacking midfielder. In addition, he may be used as a Winger, False 9, Second Striker, or even Central Midfielder.

Shekh Morsalin Games

Morsalin has played for a number of teams, such as Bashundhara Kings, Dhaka Mohammedan SC, and Alamgir Somaj Kollayan. Before joining the Kings, he played in 16 games for Alamgir Somaj Kollayan, his first club. Following its loan to the Mohammedans of Dhaka, Morsalin was given back to the Kings. On December 5, 2024, he made his professional debut with the Kings. On June 15, 2024, Morsalin played his first international match against Cambodia.

Event Duration Appearances  Goals
Dhaka Mohammedan SC (Loan) Apr 20, 2024 – Present 7 2
Premier League Debut  22 June 2024 
First Goal in Premier League  27 June 2024
Bashundhara Kings (Debut) Nov 25, 2021 – Present 8 1
First Goal for Bashundhara Kings 26 May 2024 
International Debut 15 June 2024 
Competitive Int’l Debut 22 June 2024 
First Int’l Goal 25 June 2024


Shekh Morsalin Stats

Morsalin began a fruitful career with the Bashundhara Kings with an impressive start. His support of the Bangladesh National Team demonstrates his expanding stature globally. Here are some statistics about his noteworthy performance.

Club or Country Number of Appearances Goals done by Morsalin
Bashundhara Kings  8 Games 1
Mohammedan SC Dhaka 7 Games 2
Alamgir Somaj Kollayan 16 Games 19
Bangladesh National Team 9 Games 4

Last Words

Shekh Morsalin represents optimism for the future of Bangladeshi football as he continues to develop his abilities and create waves both domestically and globally. His ascent from local grounds to national and international arenas is indicative of Bangladeshi football’s increasing strength in addition to individual brilliance. The future installments in the life story of this young, bright football player are eagerly anticipated by supporters and fans. Hope you all get information about Shekh Morsalin age, wife, height, net worth, biography, wiki, and stats.


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