Who Plays Teeter on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Jennifer Landon

In Season 3, Texas cowgirl Teeter, known for her rough language, gets appointed to work on the Yellowstone ranch. John gives Rip instructions to recruit a cowgirl who is “mean or ugly” in order to prevent more problems in the bunkhouse. Teeter was the ideal candidate because of her fierce demeanor and exceptional roping abilities.

Fans are unlikely to forget the famous and funny scene where Rip chooses her above the other candidates. But who is this talented actress portraying Teeter? Uncover her captivating tale and astonish your well-known father!

Who plays Teeter on Yellowstone?

American actress Jennifer Rachel Landon portrays Teeter in the Yellowstone film. She was born in Malibu, California, on August 29, 1983, and is 5 feet 7 (170.2 cm) tall.

Award-winning actress Landon is well-known for her parts in Yellowstone (2018–) and As the World Turns (1956–2010). She joined the cast of Yellowstone in 2020 and has a long record of notable TV and movie roles.

Jennifer Landon’s TV shows and movies

American actress Jennifer Landon is well-known for her roles in both movies and television shows. Here are a few of her well-known films and TV series:

TV Shows:

  1. As the World Turns (1999-2005, 2010)- Jennifer Landon played the role of Gwen Norbeck Munson in this long-running soap opera.
  1. The Young and the Restless (2012-2014) – She portrayed the character Heather Stevens in this popular soap opera.
  2. Banshee (2013) – Landon appeared as Carrie Hopewell in this action-packed crime drama series.
  3. Animal Kingdom (2016-2022)- Jennifer played the role of Amy Wheeler in this TNT crime drama series.
  4. Yellowstone (2020-present)- She joined the cast of this modern Western drama series as Teeter.


  1. I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine (2015) – Landon took on the role of Marla in this horror thriller film.
  2. Ride or Die (2019) – She played the character Chloe in this drama film.
  3. Within These Walls (2022): Jennifer appeared in this movie as Mel Carver.

By taking on a variety of roles in television and movies, including crime dramas, horror flicks, and soap operas, Jennifer Landon has demonstrated her flexibility.

Is Yellowstone home to Teeter? Is this Daniel Landon’s daughter?

Michael Landon’s daughter is actress Jennifer Landon, who portrays Teeter on Yellowstone. She was the product of the renowned actor’s third union with Cindy Clerico, a film producer.

The reason Jen Landon’s acting career took off is partially explained by her family. Throughout the 20th century, his father starred in a number of iconic films and television shows, such as Highway to Heaven (1984–1989), Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983), and Bonanza (1959–1973).

In addition, he directed other TV shows that he produced and was recognized with several prizes. At the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma, he was posthumously inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame in 1998.

Regretfully, Jen was only 7 years old when Michael Landon, then 54, passed away from pancreatic cancer. One of the most trying moments of her life was discovering her father was ill. “I wasn’t prepared.” I wasn’t prepared to hear that at all, the actress admitted to IMDb.

Jennifer Landon Educational Qualification

Jen Landon attended school in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, California, and then continued her education in New York City. She studied at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where she earned her drama degree in 2005.

Landon performed in a number of theater productions when he was in New York, in addition to studying at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School.

Award-winning actress Jennifer Landon

Jen Landon received three Daytime Emmy Awards in a row for her role in As the World Turns, winning best younger actress in a drama series. Landon’s acting career was assured for decades to come with his incredible success in winning many Emmys at such a young age.

The actress starred in 500 episodes of the venerable CBS program in all. In addition to portraying Gwen Norbeck Munson in her primary role, she briefly appeared as CleoBabbitt in 2007.

Although Landon left the show the following year, she returned in 2010 for the last two weeks of the series.


Where was Jen Landon born?
Jen Landon was born in Malibu, California, USA

What is Jen Landon’s birth name?
Jen Landon’s birth name is Jennifer Rachel Landon

How tall is Jen Landon?
She is 5 feet 7 inches, or 1.70 meters.

What is Jen Landon known for?
She is well known for the World Turns, Banshee, Yellowstone, and Animal Kingdom.

Does Jen Landon have siblings?
Yes, Jen Landon has 7 siblings, including Sean Landon, Leslie Landon, Shawna Landon, Christopher Landon, Josh Landon, Michael Landon Jr, and Mark Landon.

Who are Jen Landon’s parents?
Jen Landon’s parents are Cindy Landon and Michael Landon


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