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World Animal Day 2024: Date, Celebration, Activities, Impressive animal facts

Every October 4th is designated as World Animal Day. This day first appeared in 1931 at a conference of ecologists in Florence, Italy. World Animal Day is being celebrated all over the world to reveal the plight of endangered species. The reason for choosing this day is mainly because it is the festival of Francis of Assisi, who is an ardent nature lover, patron saint of animals and the environment.

The Purposes of Establishing World Animal Day

  • Celebrate the existence of various forms of animal life.
  • Celebrate the bond between humans and animals.
  • Acknowledge the different roles that animals play in our lives.
  • Thank the animals because they improve our lives.

According to research, it has been observed that caring for animals has many benefits. World Animal Day is being celebrated all over the world. However, different countries have different ways of celebrating. When talking about the celebration mode, what is different from previous years is that in India, many schools educate students on the role of animals in our lives. In order to generate a sense of responsibility, children are taught how to take care of animals at home or anywhere else. In addition, the school found that this is an effective way to instill in us the importance of animals in our lives. Because of this, many schools are obsessed with celebrating this day.

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In addition, there are many organizations working for animal welfare. One of the well-known organizations doing business in India is PETA (Organization for the Treatment of Animals). As a non-profit organization, PETA has been committed to serving animals and improving their plight. The organization aims to stop cruelty to animals and prevent any type of testing on animals.

World Animal Day Picture
World Animal Day Picture

How to celebrate World Animal Day

  • Tell your child that all kinds of animals are now extinct. We should save the existing animals.
  • Raise awareness, educate people about the existence of beautiful creatures, and provide information on how to care for and respect animals.
  • Take this day as an opportunity to adopt a stray animal and do your part. For this, you can consult an animal foster family.
  • Promise with family and friends to choose a vegetarian diet and avoid non-vegetarian food.
  • Instill the habit of feeding animals deprived of food.
  • Visit the nearby animal shelter with your child and donate blankets, food, feeding bowls, etc.
  • Encourage children to draw pictures of their favorite animals and save them.

World Animal Day Activities

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Event Participation

One of the best ways to do your part is to participate in any official event on October 4. A good beginning point is the official World Animal Day website, where you can get help to organize plans, and put them into action.

Adoption a Pet

Pet adoption is a common event that is arranged in many cities on World Animal Day. This is a small action that can have a huge impact. In these activities, participants can learn about pet ownership and care, share stories with other pet owners, and buy pet-related toys and products.

Join the peaceful protest

Peaceful protests on October 4 are also common all over the world. These protests ranged from better treatment of agricultural livestock to the complete end of cultural pastimes, such as bullfighting, whale slaughter, elephant poaching, and other wild animals.

World Animal Day
Love for Animals

Impressive animal facts

  1. The fur of the polar bear is not white-it is colorless. Each thick hair is hollow, reflecting light, making the polar bear look white. Under this layer of transparent fur, the skin is black, which can absorb any heat from the sun and keep the bear as warm as possible.
  2. There are seven bones in the neck of a giraffe, just like a human, but much larger.
  3. The wrinkle pattern on the gorilla’s nose is unique and is called “nose wrinkles”. Conservation workers use photos and sketches of gorilla noses to track individuals.
  4. There are no male or female earthworms. All earthworms have male and female parts but still, need two of them to reproduce.
  5. The teeth of vampire bats are very sharp and you may not feel its bite at all. Their saliva can relieve any pain, so bats may drink the victim’s blood for up to 30 minutes.
  6. The close relatives of hippos are aquatic mammals: whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
  7. Chameleon’s tongue is at least as long as its body, but it can catch prey within a fraction of a second.
  8. The emperor penguin can stay underwater for up to 27 minutes and dive to a depth of 500m.
  9. Both cocks and hens produce a substance called crop milk to feed their chicks. Few birds have this rare ability, only larger flamingos, emperor penguins, pigeons, and pigeons.
  10. Humans share 98.8% of chimpanzee DNA. But even if the DNA is so similar, there are still about 35 million differences between humans and chimpanzees.
  11. When they find a water source, wild Bactrian camels (Bactrian camels) will drink up to 50 liters (88 pints) of water. Unlike other mammals, they even drink salty water.
  12. Kiwis from New Zealand forage among fallen leaves on the forest floor at night. Unlike any other bird, the kiwi has nostrils at the end of its proboscis.

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