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{Valentine Tips} 20 Things You’ve Done If You’ve Fallen In Love

Valentine Tips: 20 Things You’ve Done If You’ve Fallen In Love. Love makes us completely cheesy, tender and sometimes detestable. If you’ve fallen in love I’m sure you’ve done most of these things.

Valentine Tips Fallen In Love

romantic Love Wallpaper
Romantic Love Wallpaper

1. Hang yourself first.

“Hang on first, well, both of you.” “At the count of 3 … 1, 2, 3”. “There is no hanging. You will see!”

2. Let me see you.

Suddenly we forget to speak well and invent our own language and even a new voice.

3. You receive complaints from all your friends.

Phrases such as “You already have a whip”, “You left us”, are super common, also no longer start calling you to go parties with them.

4. If it is for me it will return, if it never was.

You become the most dramatic person in the world in his first true, which incidentally was given by a nonsense and a misunderstanding.

5. Why do not you answer me?

Anyone who has fallen in love hates when their boyfriend does not answer. It is common that the less you respond, the more paranoid you get thinking that you no longer want to know anything about yourself. This does not mean that you are a jealous or jealous jealous, it is simply common to Marseillaise because you are really in love.

6. You promise that you will be at last 100% faithful.

If you were never someone who took hearty relationships seriously, it is common for you to make this promise. The surprising thing comes later, when you realize that you are faithful, not because you promised it, but because it is really born of you.

7. They have their local jokes

If they go out with friends and something happens that reminds them of an anecdote that lived together, they will remember it and they will die of laughter without having to cross a word about what happened.

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Sweet love couple photo
Sweet Love Couple

8. You feel that all the songs of love made them thinking of you.

For some strange reason you feel that all songs perfectly describe your relationship.

9. Finally you understand why many people cry when they see “Diary of a Passion” or “Up”.

For years you thought it was an exaggeration that people would cry when they saw a movie where one of the protagonists died. Now when you see her you put on her shoes and you understand why people who are in love can not see them without crying.

10. If you go down the street and something makes you laugh, you think: “I would have loved that I was here.”

It sounds cheesy, but you start to realize that life is much more fun next to that person you love.

11. See a couple of old men.

When you see a couple of old men say: “Look there we are in a few years.”

12. You begin to imagine what your children would be like.

If you are truly in love, you begin to imagine how handsome your children would be. Of course, if both are handsome, but no. Hahaha….

13. Put your wallpaper picture on your cell phone.

Simply true.

14. You are the only person you put a different song to when She call.

It must be a romantic love song.

15. You’re worth it if she sees you naked.

It depends on how much they have done and how much confidence they have, but if you are already at a stage where both are in love and have seen no clothes, you do not care in the least those extra pounds.

16. There are moments of silence that are not uncomfortable.

You can spend 2 hours next to that person without crossing a word, but still feeling comfortable. For example, you can be reading and he playing PlayStation and they do not feel weird if they do not speak.

17. Taking naps with him or her is totally relaxing.

For some strange reason when they fall asleep together it is extremely relaxing. It is beautiful to wake up and see his face still without waking up completely.

18. Begin to share interests.

If you did not like dancing before, strangely it starts to interest you.

19. The first thing you do when you wake up is to see your whatsapp.

Obviously hoping that I said good morning and telling you I miss you.

20. Both gain weight.

There they say that love grows fat and is completely true, until they decide to start exercising together.

And of course, you know there’s no one else you can trust your heart and your whole being. Congratulations if you are in love, and if you are not yet do not worry, there is the love of your life. It will arrive at the right time!

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