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Afghanistan Independence Day 2024: Image, Quotes, Status & Flag Photo

If you are looking for Afghanistan Independence Day 2024 Image, Wallpaper, Status & National Flag Photo then you are the right place. Afghan Victory day is celebrated in Afghanistan on 19 August to commemorate the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 and relinquishment from protected state status. The treaty granted a complete neutral relation between Afghanistan and Britain. Afghanistan became a British protectorate after they were defeated in the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Afghanistan Independence Day 2024

This year People of Afghanistan will be celebrating 100 Years of independence after they gained independence from Britain in 1919. Afghanistan and Britain signed an Anglo-Afghan treaty of 1919 (Internationally recognized border agreement) during the Third Anglo-Afghan War which granted a neutral relation between two countries.

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Afghan War Images

The first Anglo-Afghan war ((1839–1842) brought British forces into Kabul and occupied Kabul. Later, Elphinstone’s tactical defects defeated the entire British-led Indian invading force at a place on Kabul-Jalalabad Road, near Jalalabad, near Afghan forces led by Akbar Khan. Returns to Afghanistan with a special mission and The latter did not return until the start of the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Afghan War Image

In the second Anglo-Afghan War (1-5), the British were defeated in the Battle of Kandahar, but later they were conquered, which resulted in Abdur Rahman Khan becoming the new Emir and the British-Afghan friendship began. In exchange for protection against the Russians and the Persians, the British regained control of Afghanistan’s foreign affairs.

Afghanistan Independence Day 2024 Images

The Third Anglo-Afghan War was organized in the 5th. The war, which lasted three months, ended in equilibrium. On 8 August this year, Britain and Afghanistan signed a Rawalpindi Agreement to recognize the independence of Afghanistan. The Declaration of Independence was officially announced on 7 August. However, in 1920 the British completely lost control of foreign affairs in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Independence Day Image

Afghanistan Independence Day

Afghanistan Independence Day 2024 Wallpaper

19th August marks the day when Afghanistan gained independence from British Rule after three Anglo-Afghan wars. Although Afghanistan was not fully integrated with the British Empire it came under the control of the British after they were defeated in the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Anglo-Afghan treaty of 1919 was signed on 8 August 1919 in Rawalpindi which was a part of India then, it was an agreement that British India would not extend beyond Khyber Pass and it will act as a border between India with Afghanistan. Afghanistan Independence Day is also celebrated as Afghan National Day and Afghan Victory Day.

afghanistan independence day flag

Afghan Independence Day Wallpaper

Afghanistan Independence Day Wallpaper

Celebrate Afghanistan Independence Day

The Afghans are the first country in the region to conquer Britain and gain independence. Independence Day is celebrated nationally in Afghanistan. The importance of this day is highlighted in various films, poems, articles, media, etc. On this day, the President of the country made special speeches and organized special marches by the Afghan military. The country’s main roads are decorated with national flags, banners and festoons. This day is celebrated as a public holiday across the country. Special ceremonies were held this day at Afghan embassies located in various parts of the world.

Afghan Independence celebration

Afghanistan Independence Day 2024 Wishes Whatsapp FB status:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.

Afghanistan Independence Day Status

Afghan is much more than a geographical fact. It is a political and moral fact – the first community in which men set out in principle to institutionalize freedom, responsible government, and human equality.

Enjoy the blessings of freedom and independence, but also do your  part and work hard to appreciate it.

Take time on this special day to understand what independence means to you.

afghanistan independence day pic

If our country is worth dying for in time of war let us resolve that it is truly worth living for in time of peace.

Don’t take your freedom and independence for granted, someone had to work hard and make many sacrifices for it.

The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mounts, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic – have always blown on free men.

If you truly appreciate your freedom, then you will never deny the opportunity to provide freedom to someone else.

Afghanistan Independence Day 2024 Quotes

  • “Afghanistan is a land of ancient civilizations, rich history, and resilient people. On this Independence Day, let us honor the sacrifices of our ancestors and work together for a brighter future.”

  • “The journey to independence is marked by challenges and sacrifices. May Afghanistan continue to stride toward progress, unity, and peace.”
  • “Freedom is a precious gift earned through the struggles of generations. Happy Independence Day to the people of Afghanistan.”
  • “On this day, let us remember the bravery of those who fought for Afghanistan’s independence and pay tribute to their enduring spirit.”
  • “Independence is not merely a date on the calendar; it’s a testament to the strength and determination of a nation. Happy Independence Day, Afghanistan!”
  • “As Afghanistan celebrates its independence, let us stand united to shape a future that is inclusive, prosperous, and harmonious.”
  • “The story of Afghanistan’s independence is one of resilience, courage, and unwavering hope. May our nation’s journey continue to inspire us all.”
  • “On this Independence Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to building a peaceful Afghanistan where freedom, justice, and equality prevail.”
  • “The flag of Afghanistan symbolizes the dreams and aspirations of a free nation. Let us honor its colors and stand together as proud Afghans.”
  • “Independence is the foundation upon which a nation thrives. Let us work tirelessly to uphold the values that define Afghanistan.”

These quotes aim to celebrate Afghanistan’s journey towards independence and inspire unity, progress, and hope for a better future.

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