Australia Day Public Holiday 2024 January 26

Australia day is also known as ‘Survival Day’ or ‘Foundation Day’, is the official national day of Australia. Australians all over the world, celebrate this day to enjoy with their family. Australia day public holiday became an official national holiday in 1994. But the history of this day dates back to the 18th century. This is a rather controversial story that makes this day more interesting for outsiders.

When is Australia Day 2024?

Australia day public holiday will be celebrated on Thursday, January 26 this year. Usually, this day is a public holiday all over Australia to celebrate with various programs. But if Australia day falls on a Sunday, it is celebrated on the next official day, which is the following Monday. Several states follow this rule to commemorate Australia day with proper recognition.

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Australia Day Holiday

Why is Australia Day on 26 January?  

Now let us talk about why it has a controversial story or background. If we go back to 1788, on this date, the First Fleet was landed in Port Jackson, New South Wales. On the very same day, the British Union Jack flag was raised in the Sydney Cove, by Captain Arthur Phillips as a beginning to the colonization.

All the aboriginal community, therefore, does not observe this day. According to them, it is an ‘Invasion Day’ and ‘National Day of Mourning’. It reflects the viciousness of the colonization. Many protest marches and other peaceful actions were taken by the community to oppose the celebration of this day. Changing the official national day to another date is still a demand from the indigenous people.

Though some Australians today, consider 26th January as the birth date of Australia and hence celebrate this day in full swing as reconciliation to the past.

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How to Observe the Australia Day Public Holiday?

As a national holiday, Australians observe this Australia Day public holiday mainly with friends and family. They enjoy various events that vary from state to state.

For example, Sydney celebrates Australia day public holiday with a famous ferry race. It is called the “Ferrython”. All the people gather around the Barangaroo Wharf, the tall ship race starts from Shark Island and finishes at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Perth is famous for its biggest fireworks shows on the foreshore of the swan river. Every year many people gather around on various beaches to observe this great light show. Aussies enjoy this night event with their families. Often barbeque parties are held on the beaches to enjoy this fireworks show.

Adelaide, the home of Australian cricket, celebrates this holiday with cricket matches. They also have colorful parades and concerts joined by both locals and tourists.

Other states and territories like Melbourne, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria celebrate similarly with parades and concerts. For Aussies all over the country, a classic beach barbeque with friends and family is a must.

Final Thoughts

 Like every other country’s national day, Australians all over the world celebrate Australia day public holiday with great joy and festivity. Though the older generation and the aboriginal community do have some disagreement with the celebration on this exact date, the younger generation celebrated this day as the founding day of Sydney.

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